Unstable Internet Explorer

  spuds 19:06 13 Mar 2006

Been having quite a lot of problems with my computer, and in the main it is the very slow performance whilst on the internet. Sought advice from this forum and elsewhere to no avail.

Getting very frustrated with the situation, I took the computer to a repair centre. Problem still not solved, so last week did a complete clean-up and re-format.Since the re-format, I still have problems like before. Computer start-up, runs okay, but get progress slower as time goe's along.

Got fed up, and transfered from IE to Firefox, and everything seems to be running smoothly. So the problem as got to be with IE.

Can anyone provide the answer to my suggestion, is there a remedy!.

XP Home with SP2.

  GaT7 19:24 13 Mar 2006

You've checked with upto date antispyware programs, haven't you?

You may have tried an IE repair (click here) including a sfc /scannow, so try this IE 'reinstall' for a change click here. G

  GaT7 19:27 13 Mar 2006

System Restore may be another option? G

  skidzy 19:38 13 Mar 2006

Hi Spuds

I dont know if ive mentioned this before to you,but you may like to give this a go.

Download the registry optimiser version,and goto advanced tools...this will repair apparently upto 70 known faults with internet explorer.

The other apps are very handy,ive used this for nearly 2 years now to very good effect.

If using the registry scanner part of the program,this will only correct 10 errors at any one time...but you can hit return and scan again and fix errors...this you can do as many times as you like........No limit.

Even if this does not fix IE ..its still a very handy piece of kit to have as an extra tool.
click here

Try it,you have nothing to lose.It is the trial version,and you have no obligation to buy it.There is no time limit either.
Good luck Spuds

  spuds 19:43 13 Mar 2006

Thanks Crossbow7, just had a quick look, given me something to work on. Antispy installed, and up to date.

  spuds 19:46 13 Mar 2006

Thanks skidzy, I think you have mentioned something similar in the past.Will check the link out.

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