Unstable broadband connection.

  Sabreman 09:58 06 Jan 2005

I have 521mb Tiscali broadband which I have found to be unstable, in that it connects properly and then disconnects for no apparent reason - this recurrs several times a day. I have done all the things recommended in this forum plus everything recommended by Tiscali (including disconnecting all other USB peripherals !! - can you believe that one for advice ?)

I am currently running click here which was recommended by the Sunday Times as being a more stable environment than Internet Explorer, but the problem persists. I can go for a week or two without problems and then it kicks in for several days at a time. Is this peculiar to Tiscali or are others experiencing this problem.

  Graham ® 10:12 06 Jan 2005

The causes of broadband disconnections are many and varied.

Tiscalis advice to unplug all other USB devices is valid.

Have you tried connecting to the BT Master Socket with the front plate removed?

Are there any radio transmitters nearby?

  Graham ® 11:12 06 Jan 2005

Please respond in the thread instead of emailing me.

Connect the modem to the master socket with the front plate removed. This will disconnect all other extension wiring, which could be the cause of the link dropping.

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