Unsolicited Computer Advice via Telephone

  Murielson 1 17:54 23 Jun 2010

Not certain where to put this so landing it here with potential to move if required.

I have just received a phone call from whatappears to be a Microsft Certfied Engineer in a call centre somewhere (probably Asia based on accent but that is just my guess) who wanted to advise me of a problem on my computer.

He stated it was concerning maliscious software etc and he then wanted me to run eventvwr (event viewer?) and this is where I stopped and said thanks but no thanks. He wanted to give me ID details etc but I declined.

Would people raelly take computer advice, unsolicited and run something on the computer? I had visions of computer crashing or personal details being fired into the ether somewhere with who knows what consequences.

I have 3 computers (home PC and 2 x laptop) that all go through router and asked him which one had problem but he was not able to tell me 'the one you use most' was his comment.

Thoughts appreciated or was it just phishing?

  wiz-king 17:58 23 Jun 2010

Just hang up.

  Ian in Northampton 18:25 23 Jun 2010

I had the same call a while back. My guess - I told him 'goodbye' after he asked me to open Event Viewer - is that they take an unsuspecting user there to show them all the errors that have occurred (which experienced users know full well are just what happens and seldom mean anything serious has happened) and would then use this as a reason to sell them some software or services that they don't need. It is unquestionably a scam.

  Technotiger 18:28 23 Jun 2010

Definitely phishing - avoid like the plague!!

  Murielson 1 18:48 23 Jun 2010

Thought so and actually asked him what he was going to try and sell me but got no response.

  cocteau48 19:01 23 Jun 2010

I thought that I was very pleasant to my unsolicited caller: I inquired after his parentage and then invited him to sally forth and multiply!

My wife,who overheard the conversation, thought that I had been a tad brusque.

  AlanHo 19:06 23 Jun 2010

There is little point in being rude (or brusque) with these callers.

They work in a call centre on low wages plus a small bonus if they get a sale. It's not their fault that they are involved in a scam - and being rude to them serves no purpose. It is just as easy to be polite and tell them that you are not interested and hope they have a nice day.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:39 23 Jun 2010

Its a scam!
just say you do not have a PC and hang up.

  penelopesimpson 14:13 02 Jul 2010

Have been scammed by a company calling themselves Micropc solutions. Phoned me up as if they were microsoft telling me I had a problem in my computer. I let them in and the fixed the 'problem,' the one I didn't know I had and then charged me £189.

I can't believe I was so stupid. Please, everyone, be warned. I knew there was something funny about it they way it sounded like one Asian lady in a room alone.

  jimv7 14:24 02 Jul 2010

Also click here

  keef66 14:44 02 Jul 2010

I thought you can't possibly know I've got a Windows pc.
I said I was running Linux. He seemed to lose interest.

I went back to my Windows pc.

Then again, I am a deeply suspicious Yorkshireman

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