unsecured wireless connection

  Babou 22:40 11 Apr 2007

This is my sister's query really. She is an absolute beginner & has just bought a laptop with all the bells and whistles. It was a few days before we both had time for me to come and set up her anti-virus software. She doesn't have broadband or anything set up so I thought I'd get her started with a simple dial-up connection initially.

But when I got there, lo and behold her laptop had automatically logged on to a very strong unsecured wireless signal. I quickly installed her Norton security suite and did a scan, no problems detected.

What I'm wondering is, is it OK for her to use this signal? Is there a moral/legal aspect to "borrowing" a connection? I would assume that if anyone is generous/stupid enough to leave their connection unsecured it's fair game, but I'm not really sure.

Also, is her computer secure? I was alarmed that it had logged itself on without her being aware, and wondered if it's some kind of honey-trap.

Maybe I'm just jealous ... all the wireless connections up my street are locked (including mine!).

  woodchip 22:45 11 Apr 2007

She should not use someone else’s ISP even if it's unsecured. It's stealing. And you can finish up in courtroom

  skidzy 22:46 11 Apr 2007

Jumping on someone else's wireless connection without permission is known as Piggybacking and is illegal.She could always disable the wireless card for now,normally FN+F2

  Babou 22:59 11 Apr 2007

Ooo er! I shall pass on the bad news. Many thanks.

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