"Unsecured network"

  JohnC123 16:53 02 Jul 2005

I have a D-Link wireless ADSL router connected to my main pc by ethernet cable and by wireless to two laptops. When I ask the laptop to search for a wireless network connection, it finds my network OK but then asks me if I want to connect to an "unsecured network" - Can someone please tell me how to make my net work secure. I have AVG antivirus and Kerio firewall.
All computers are running XP, the main pc is on XP pro and the laptops are XP home.
Any help / advice will be greatly appreciated.

  mgmcc 21:20 02 Jul 2005

You should have an option in the router to enable "WEP" encryption and possibly the more sophisticated "WPA" encryption. When enabled, you have to enter the encryption key into the network adapters to be able to connect to the network.

The router might also support MAC address filtering so that only those WiFi adapters whose MAC address has been entered into its settings are able to connect.

  Taff36 21:29 02 Jul 2005

Which D-Link is it? DSL-G604T perhaps? If so I`m connected to one right now and I`ll walk you through it.

  JohnC123 22:08 02 Jul 2005

Thanks Taff Yes it is a DLINK G604T

  JohnC123 22:11 02 Jul 2005

Taff - It would be useful if you could spell it out for me so I can print it and follow it step by step I tried to enable WEP but then the laptop won't connect !

  Taff36 23:02 02 Jul 2005

What make and model of laptop?

  Taff36 23:06 02 Jul 2005

Setting up WEP

Ok access the router admin with http:// before it of course. Go to the setup page and clicking the connection 1 button on the left hand pane. Select the WEP radio button and tick the enable box. Authentication type should be open.

Under select, select the first radio button and then set the drop down box to the right at 64. Type in an encryption key. For example A12345678B using ten hexadecimal keys i.e.0-9 and a-f. Keep it simple to start with - you can change it later once you know it works.

Don`t forget to save your settings by going to the Tools Tab and select System settings – Save then the Back button that appears on the page (Not the browser back button) then the Restart AP button to reboot the router. You may have to wait for a few minutes. Now you`ll have to scan for the router on each of your PC`s and enter the same encryption key on each of them. You should be able to add the connection, once it`s established, to the profile which means it will remember it ad you won`t have to type in the key every time.

It`s the last bit about getting the other computers to recognise the encryption that`s tricky but I can look at that when I know which make and model they are. Suggest you print this out before you go! Hope I`ve got it right!

  JohnC123 10:11 03 Jul 2005

Thanks to Taff 36 - I'm now going to try and set it up following your instructions.
The Computer (PC) is a Packard Bell iPower 1475 with 750 RAM and 120 GB HDD. XP Pro with SP-2
One laptop is PB A7718 Pentium 4 XP Home with SP-2
Another laptop (daughters ) is PB E2316 -Also XP Home SP-2 and my older laptop is PB EasyNote C which has Windows ME installed.

  JohnC123 10:52 03 Jul 2005

Update at 1050:
Thanks to Taff I now have all 4 puters connected via a "secure network".
Please tell me what is the next step.

  Taff36 07:31 05 Jul 2005

What do you want to do now? Glad you managed the last bit anyway. It`s quite easy once you know where to save the settings!

  JohnC123 22:57 07 Jul 2005

Thanks Taff - sorry for the delay in answering - I was away.
What Ièd like to do next is to be able to share my printer with the other puters.

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