Unsecured Neighbours network problem

  prince midas 12:45 03 Apr 2010

Among my 20 odd neighbours networks I have one that is unsecured and I do not like asking them all.
When I start my desktop which is run through a Seimens router with a wireless card.
When it loads it goes straight to the unsecured Netgear and comes up with a message found new driver and starts searching for the netgear which it finds.
I have set my wireless Belkin card to use my Tiscali as the dfault and have deleted the Netgear unsecured on my wireless card but it still comes up with the found new driver etc.
I have to go into my setup and click on Tiscali and after it as found it the new driver message dissapears.
But how do I stop it occuring every time I switch on my PC.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:01 03 Apr 2010

Op system?

Network settings - wireless network - properties - wireless network tab -prefered networks box -remove other networks from the box by highlighting the network and click Remove.

  Sea Urchin 13:08 03 Apr 2010

You posted this before - and suggested that you had sorted it out

click here

  ronalddonald 13:19 03 Apr 2010

this signaling problem does it affect you or your neighbour, if it doesn't affect you but only your neighbour then its your neibours problem and its down to them to sort it out .

  prince midas 15:10 03 Apr 2010

It affects me see my reply on Network Problems.

  prince midas 15:18 03 Apr 2010

I am getting a message all the time when I connect to the internet telling me that I have got a new hardware added and do I wish to search for drivers which it cannot find as it is my neighbours Netgear which it is trying to connect to. I have only my PC set to default Tiscali but my neighbours signal is as strong as mine and I cannot get rid of it,so I must get this problem solved.When I finally get connected to my signal Tiscali the new hardware signal goes away and comes back next time so I cannot ignore my neighbours unsecured signal.

  Sea Urchin 17:14 03 Apr 2010

It's confusing to be running two threads at once - you may get the same answers coming up on both from different people. Did you change your channel as suggested before?

  tullie 19:17 03 Apr 2010

Whenever i have connected to someone elses network,with approval,it doesent mention anything about drivers?Someone explain please.

  Sea Urchin 23:16 06 Apr 2010

As I said earlier you have two threads running on this subject - I would suggest that on your other thread one of the answers posted will solve your problem. But there has been no reaction from yourself since Saturday.

This is why I said two threads will cause confusion - both for those trying to help you and also yourself.

  prince midas 10:30 07 Apr 2010

Sorry about the two threads but one is an old thread.Can someone in authority merge them?

To recap when I get say an update from Microsoft and I am already on the Tiscaly net.If I reboot my PC immedeatly connects to my neighbours unsecured Netgear showing just how strong is his signal.The other problem about getting the message when I startup of found a new hardware wizard which cannot find anything but goes away when I either click cancel or connect to Tiscaly is beyond me.

  Sea Urchin 10:37 07 Apr 2010

On your other thread PalaeoBill has suggested a solution to the problem with your neighbour's signal - have a look at it.

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