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Unsecure website?

  hiwatt 17:55 31 Mar 2015

Hi folks, I'm trying to make a purchase online using Firefox on and when proceeding to check out it is telling me we can't confirm that your connection is secure. Normally, when you try to connect securely, sites will present trusted identification to prove that you are going to the right place. However, this site's identity can't be verified. uses an invalid security certificate. The certificate is not trusted because no issuer chain was provided. (Error code: secerrorunknown_issuer) This is only on firefox but it sounds dodgy if the transaction is not encrypted? I tried it on mt other "profile" and at first it was ok but then went the same. Prettygreen say they have checked and it's definitely not the website but I have tried everything to no avail. Could someone who uses firefox try the website for me please?If you add any item to the checkout and click proceed will it let you? Thank you in advance.

  tullie 18:31 31 Mar 2015

Just tried it on Firefox.It takes you to a secure page before entering payment details,so lets see what others say.

  hiwatt 19:40 31 Mar 2015

I really can't understand this.I have uninstalled firefox and reinstalled.I have tried firefox in safe mode.Tried it with malwarebytes/Avast both disabled.No matter what it keeps telling me that this site is untrusted. I have also scanned with all my anti tools. Tullie when you enter the site do you have the small greyed out globe before the website address? As soon as I proceed to check out I get this connection is untrusted? What could be causing this if it's only o my computer? I have the date/time set corectly. Nothing has changed.

  bumpkin 20:37 31 Mar 2015

Check that your system clock has the correct date, probably is but check anyway as an incorrect date can cause that error.

  hiwatt 20:38 31 Mar 2015

I've tried that. I've uninstalled firefox and all related folders and done a clean install. Somethings not right? Apart from being told it's an untrusted location when proeeding to checkout even when I'm just on the home page it has the small greyed out circle. I have tried everything I can thing of. Something funny is going on here Guys could yous please post a pic of what you see when on the website? I really need help with this one. Thanks.

  bumpkin 22:06 31 Mar 2015

Had a look at it and I can't see anything wrong with it, Clicking the green icon in FF shows it as safe. Strange you are getting the unsecure message.

  hiwatt 22:13 31 Mar 2015

Right folks, I've just realised that all websites using firefox have the little grey circle before the web address which says your connection to this website is not encrypted. Any idea what can cause this folks? Thanks.

  bumpkin 22:47 31 Mar 2015

Yes it does but if you click the green icon right hand side it will tell you if the site is secure or not. If you have clicked the grey one first then when you click the green one it will say "unknown site" don't ask me why but that is what it does.

  hiwatt 23:09 31 Mar 2015

I don't have a green icon at all on the right hand side? I only have a small greyed out circle right befre the website address and when I click on it says your conection to this website is not encrypted. It never used to be like this. Something strange is going on when it wont let me pay for goods.Also in windows firewall there is no entry for firefox when you clicj on 2allow a program through" Don't know if that's connected or not? I've ran all my antis and they have found nothing.

  hiwatt 00:02 01 Apr 2015

Bumpkin is the green icon you're talking about the WOT add on? Do you have a small grey globe top left hand corner just before www. and on most other sites?

  LastChip 01:48 01 Apr 2015

It's not an issue. Many sites fall under this situation and all it means is the site itself does not use a secure connection. There are hundreds of thousands of sites in exactly the same position and it arises mainly because of virtual hosts.

This is a method by which hosting providers can serve dozens of sites on a single IP address.

That may well change in the future as technology catches up with the situation, but at the moment it's commonplace.

When you connect to a website, there is a handshake between the client (you) and the server (the website). It is during this initial connection, the server issues it's secure credentials (if it has any). The problem is, at that point in time, the server doesn't know which site you require - it's just establishing a connection. So which certificate does it send?

In days gone by when the web was a tiny place, each site had it's own IP address, so a site could be categorically determined by it's IP. Not any more. The demand for the web space is just too great.

Once you go to the checkout, the connection is secure and certificated by thwate, one of the biggest and well known providers of certificates.

I really wouldn't worry. Providing the checkout is secure, I personally would be happy to use it.

You're quite right to be careful though.

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