unresponsive xp

  nyleridedog 10:32 08 Mar 2004

Hi guys, ok here goes

win xp version 2002, sp1
256 ram
1218 gfx 5200
xp2600 >which is running at 2.09mhtz is this right?

what happens is that when navigating around, its unresponsive and sloppy!
one minute i can click the start button and it opens, then a few mins later i click it and nothing happens!
also when i try to close boxes i click the X but it does not close immediately!

any ideas, i think it may be the ram but other ideas would be gratefully accepted!


  Jester2K 10:33 08 Mar 2004

What programs are running in the background?

I have the same problem it also freezes constantly, the only thing running is norton internet security

any help would be great

  nyleridedog 11:22 08 Mar 2004

not many progs runnin, just the usuall few its a clean install!

  soy 11:54 08 Mar 2004

Bring up Task manager by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete and look under Processes Tab. Is there anything running the CPU alot?

system idle process is showing 99 under the cpu heading, everything else zero. Is that what you meant

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