Unresponsive script messages just on pcadvisor

  grumpy-git 11:35 18 Oct 2013

This is getting bad, just tried to post this topic & it seemed to fail.

Every time I load a pcadvisor page Firefox hangs with "unresponsive script". Is it all the adverts loading or somethin else?

See if it works this time.


  wee eddie 12:19 18 Oct 2013

It's all the Adverts. IDG have been trying to monetise the Site and, in my opinion, have allowed too many badly scripted Adverts.

While it will not help IDG's profits I would recommend anyone with a download speed of less that 10Mbps to download Adblock Plus. This link is one for IE - as the BBC says, 'Other flavours are available' from this supplier.

My opinion is the I have no argument with having adverts on the Site, just that they need to be fast to load. However some of the current adverts carry such a load of 'Add-Ons' that they bog the site down to unacceptable loading speeds. In classic terms, Pyrrhus's victories in Southern Italy come to mind.

  Woolwell 12:28 18 Oct 2013

I got the script error even with Adblock plus. This is the only site I use it on. The site is frequently unresponsive and slow. On the iPad I get a pop-up ad for HP printer which comes up far too regularly and has to be closed before I can view any page on this site, not just the forums. I get the impression that the ad designers are trying to be far too clever and get it wrong.

  grumpy-git 13:45 18 Oct 2013


At least it's not just my laptop grinding to a halt on every pcadvisor page that loads.

I find it very irritating though!


  tullie 14:53 18 Oct 2013

Does this help? click here

  grumpy-git 15:03 18 Oct 2013

Thanks Tullie, I did read that after some searching before creating this topic, but an hour or so ago I took wee eddie's advice and the problem is solved. The pages load in record time & without hanging.

So thanks wee eddie!


  ened 15:27 18 Oct 2013

grumpy-git This must be the slowest site I visit - I use Chrome. I have been trying to respond to your Hard drive thread and it has been hit and miss!

  woodchip 18:30 18 Oct 2013

I could not login yesterday no matter how I tried, With Java Script turned off, or on did not make an hapeth. I gave up in the end

I was getting Error Code Pages etc

  grumpy-git 10:18 28 Oct 2013

As mentioned in a my pc freeze topic recently, I had to remove adblock plus, but Bluhell seems to work just as well, without the pc locking up.


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