Unresponsive Samsung Laptop

  NeilMcG 11:01 24 Jun 2011

Hello all..

Here we go with a tale of woe!

Friend recently dropped her Samsung R530 laptop & made bits of the screen. Replaced screen & all worked fine. I was honestly surprised that mobo/hdd were not damaged, given extent of screen damage.

Then over last few days screen began "acting funny". Then went completely dark, not a glimmer.

Tried connecting to external monitor, it worked briefly but monitor would go to sleep after a minute or so. You could hear the Windows startup chime as it booted up.

Now on startup the lights come on but no-ones home! No start up tone, external screen doesn't come on.

I've gone through every fn key combination, disassembled & checked screen connectors, re-seated RAM & HDD.

Am I missing something blindingly obvious or is mobo DOA?

Thanks in advance


  gengiscant 15:13 24 Jun 2011

This is more of a hands on problem, need to see and play with the item, but I feel that you are probably right in that the mobo suffered some damage.

  robin_x 16:35 24 Jun 2011

Check every connector not just the screen ones.

Re-seat any sub-assemblies.

See if a Linux CD will run (not install)

Cross your fingers

  NeilMcG 17:20 24 Jun 2011

Thanks guys,

Did a closer scrutiny, it looks as if the lcd cable was being pinched by the lid hinge, but I wouldn't think that would affect external display?


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:02 24 Jun 2011

Sounds like a graphics chip problem

  NeilMcG 18:04 24 Jun 2011

Ok, further update:

Left screen disconnected, re-assembled, and is now running on external display. They system time has reverted to 2008, but otherwise seems ok.

I'm definitely leaning towards the cable being damaged as the culprit....

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:34 24 Jun 2011

BIOS battery loose / disconnect if system time is wrong

  NeilMcG 18:44 24 Jun 2011

That was my first thought FB, cheers.

I'll do a few reboots with time between & see if it holds the correct time & date.


  NeilMcG 21:05 04 Jul 2011

Ok, another update:

Installed replacement LCD cable & booted.

Samsung logo appears & boots to windows but screen VERY dark. But still more than I was getting with previous cable.

Will not boot if both LCD & external monitor are connected. Will boot fine to external.

I cannot locate the lid switch (to turn off screen when lid closed) so I assume its some sort of sensor/magnet.

I set the diplay to 'do nothing' when lid is closed, but had no effect.

Backlight gone on new screen? :(

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:10 04 Jul 2011

Back light or invertor

  NeilMcG 10:41 15 Jul 2011

Hello again,

Developments so far...

Received replacement screen & fitted with new lcd cable. Nothing, nada. Screen completely black.

Tried with old cable, very dim Samsung logo, then nothing.

Works fine with external monitor which leads me to conclude that graphics chip is ok?

Could I be unlucky enough to have a received a faulty replacement monitor?

Or could second cable be faulty also?

Gonna chuck it out the window shortly :0 :)

Thanks again folks.

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