Unresponsive keys

  Aldave 18:05 16 Nov 2011

A few months ago I noticed that when I typed certain letters the keyboard didn't respond. The keyboard was a wireless one (Logitek) so I changed it for a wired keyboard with same problem. The very weird bit about this is that the keys affected (c,t,g,e,2..) are all on the left side of the keyboard! I tried swopping connections - to different USB sockets with no difference. At that time I was using XP and was quite happy with that but in desperation I installed Windows 7. At first this seemed to have done the trick but the fault has reappeared. Any time I have mentioned this fault to other computer users I get funny looks but I assure you that although I am a 'silver' surfer this problem is real. I hope someone out there can help me as I'm getting quite desperate. Thank you.

  northumbria61 22:12 16 Nov 2011

It could be a driver problem - Go to Control Panel - Device Manager - Keyboards (expand) - right click on your listed keyboard and select Update Driver Software. If this doesn't work post back here with make and model of keyboard.

  Aldave 17:14 17 Nov 2011

Thank you Northumbria61. I have done as advised. Under Keyboards in Device Manager I have 3 'HID Keyboard Devices'. They are all 'working properly' and when I tried to update Drivers it said that the drivers were up to date. The driver listed is Microsoft keyboard driver Vers 6.1.7601.17514.
The keyboards I am using are Logitech wireless keyboard model Y-RK56A and the wired one is a 'Cherry' Model KU0556. Once again, many thanks for taking the time to answer my query.


  northumbria61 20:00 17 Nov 2011

Go to the Logitech website - Support - Product Support - from this Link enter link description here You can choose from Automatically detect my device or enter your product, model etc. to search for driver update.

  Bris 17:08 18 Nov 2011

Hi Aldave.

The symptoms you describe point to a driver issue as Northumbria61 has pointed out, however, as you have swapped keyboards and OS this would tend to rule this out. The common denominator here is USB and I am wondering if its a USB problem.

Can you come back with the answer to the following:

Does this problem occur immediately on startup or after a while?

Is it intermittent ie once its appeared does it ever go away.

How old is the PC (roughly).

A few things to try:

Disconnect all USB devices except the keyboard then try it. Try booting into safe mode and see if the problem appears. Also take a look in the event viewer to see if there are any reports there relating to the keyboard and of course try what Northumbria61 suggests re the drivers.

  northumbria61 13:12 19 Nov 2011

I can only relate to a problem I had a long time ago now. I have a Wireless Multimedia keyboard with buttons along the top - to the right buttons Media,Mail,Web/Home,Messenger all working - to the left My Docs,My Pics,My Music not working - updated driver and problem solved.

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