Unresponsive CD-ROM drive

  gyratingmonkey 21:32 27 Sep 2003

My CD ROM drive doesn't work. In the device manager it tells me that the device is working proparly but it doesn't detect any CDs that i put it, be they music or programs. There is no auto run and when i go to My Computer and open up the CD folder there is nothing there

  MAJ 21:40 27 Sep 2003

It's possible that it could be kaput, gyratingmonkey, you could try it in another computer to check, or, try another one, known to be working in your computer. But first try removing it from Device Manager then reboot your computer to see if it's picked up.

  Laser157 22:02 27 Sep 2003

This worked for me with W98:

click here;en-us;177880&Product=w98

  Laser157 22:07 27 Sep 2003

Sorry, the above link does not work. Go to MS site and find Knowledge Base Article 177880 or put this number in Google and it will find it.

  oglemire 22:26 27 Sep 2003

Try opening the tray and blowing compressed air through the device.. when you insert a disk do you hear any activity? one of the classic sounds of a failing CDRom drive is knocking when it is trying to read the media.

  gyratingmonkey 23:17 27 Sep 2003

i have tried to edit the registry but that didn't change anything. The drive is internal so i don't really know how to check it woth another computer. Thanks you for all your help so far, it is really appreciated

  gyratingmonkey 23:20 27 Sep 2003

forgot to mention, there is some noise, not knocking, and the busy light stays on for about ten seconds, then nothing

  MAJ 23:33 27 Sep 2003

It sounds as though it is dying or dead, gyratingmonkey. A new CD-ROM will cost about £15-£20, and are easy to fit.

  wags 08:40 28 Sep 2003

gyratingmonkey, your symptoms are the same as I had with a DVD drive in one of my PCs...it died, so I replaced it with a CD Rom (as I never played DVDs on the PC anyway)and all is now well. (Replacement drives are cheap -I bought a LiteOn drive from Dabs for £14.50).

  gyratingmonkey 13:03 28 Sep 2003

Thank you everyone, you have all been really helpfull, i think i will go and get a new drive, i need a CD RW drive though so it will cost a bit more. Thank you for all your help!

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