Unresponsive buttons in AOL 8

  [DELETED] 21:50 26 Dec 2003

When running AOL 8.0 under Windows ME, after a short while the “buttons” to do various things (such as “delete”, “switch screen name” etc ) stop responding. However, buttons that have a drop down arrow to bring up a menu (such as “Save to”) continue to work. If this happens on the option with a window without an X to close the window (such as the window to confirm you wish to download a file) the only way out is to ctrl alt delete and close down AOL.

AOL 8.0 all worked fine for many months until about 3 weeks ago when the problem arose for no apparent reason (I had made no conscious software changes).

I have spent a long time talking to the AOL helpdesk and tried a number of things. I have turned off Norton Firewall and Norton Antivirus, reinstalled AOL 8.0 (twice), cleared the AOL cache, uninstalled the AOL adapter, run scandisk and defrag, checked all files for viruses. All to no avail.

Can anyone explain the problem? Does anyone know the fix or can suggest some keywords to use when searching the Microsoft Knowledgebase for an answer?

  johnnyrocker 00:13 27 Dec 2003

what about system restore to last 'known good setting'?


  [DELETED] 00:13 27 Dec 2003

Reinstall it....

Or DUMP it.

It is dodgy AOL.

  [DELETED] 04:54 27 Dec 2003

Couple of things to try. do a search for Global.org files and any found, delete. AOL will rebuild this folder for you on logging back on.

Bring up the AOL desktop, don't sign on. go to toolbar, settings/preferences and then click on Fonts/Text/Graphics. You will see a number in a small window, it's set at 40 reduce this to 5 save and exit back to the desktop.

Turn off PC and re-boot. Open AOL desktop, don't sin on and go through the above procedure this time rest the number back to 40. save exit back to desktop close down the AOL desktop but don't bother to reboot the PC.

Bring the AOL desktop back up on screen and log on. this should rebuild your graphics folder for you and cure the problems your experiencing.

If neither of the above two correct the problem. log on then go to "Keyword" [Best Number] Follow the on-screen instructions, let AOL assign you a new set of dial-in numbers as some work better than others. Log off, reboot your PC and log back on to AOL again. See if this improves things. If not then bring up the AOL desktop, [Don't sign on] look at the sign-on window in the centre of screen and go into "Setup" and manually try different telephone numbers for connecting.

From the list of numbers you see, you can click on one and drag it to the top of the pile, also set the others in any order you wish.

Give these a try and if still not working correctly, go to control panel, add/remove programs, click on AOL and choose remove. The application will scan for all of the program and ask if you want to confirm removal, click on "Yes".

Re-boot your PC and insert the AOL CD. Re-install [Only takes a few minute's] the software. Doing the above should cure the problems, but if not then please post back on this thread for further advice. j.

  [DELETED] 05:17 27 Dec 2003

Homework, sorry I can't help you with this but I run WinMe and AOL8 and have not had this problem but perhaps we could encourage Gaz 25 to expand further on his comments and from there find the solution.

So, come on Gaz 25 -- Homework came here for looking for intelligent and helpful responses --

Reinstall? He said that he has already reinstalled it twice to no effect.

Dump it? Homework has also said his setup has worked perfectly until recently when something has obviously changed although he does not know what. That is where the problem is. Saying dump it does not even attempt to be helpful.

Dodgy? I have run Me with AOL for years now. What's your experience of it Gaz and how did you find it dodgy?

Homework - johnnyrocker's suggestion is worth a try. If that does not solve your problem then you could try reinstalling Me over-the-top. Something HAS changed and this is the cause of your's and most problems that people have when something that did work properly no longer does.

  [DELETED] 05:19 27 Dec 2003

Djohn - you posted as I was tryping. Morning sir - hope you had a had a nice Xmas.

  [DELETED] 05:26 27 Dec 2003

Good morning Mango, Yes, I did thank you. Hope yours was the same and you have a happy and healthy new year.

Did I notice in one of your links that your a friend of R. Fr....?

  [DELETED] 19:27 28 Dec 2003

Thanks for the advice. I followed Djohn’s suggestions (but couldn’t get beyond clicking on the “Fonts, Text & Graphics” button since, because of my problem, it wouldn’t respond !!)

So I systematically set about closing down each of the programs that I can see running under Ctrl/Alt/Delete. After a lot of trying it seems that the AOL buttons become responsive again when I shut down a program called “Instantaccess”.

Having got my buttons to work I followed Djohn’s instructions. Rebuilding the Global.org files didn’t seem to work. Resetting the “number in a small window” to 5 then after rebooting setting it back to 40, didn’t seem to work. Since playing around with the access numbers it takes AOL between 3 and 5 attempts before it connects, whereas it used to work the first time virtually every time. I didn’t try reinstalling AOL as I have already tried that twice (but may yet try it again if no-one can explain what “Instantacess” is).

Is Instantacces something that I need running, and if not how I can stop it loading at startup (it isn’t one of the programs listed in my startup menu)?

  [DELETED] 20:14 28 Dec 2003

By looking at the Startup tab under the System Configuration Utility by running msconfig I see that Instantaccess is a Textbridge OCR program.

I do use Textbridge, is there a way I can prevent Textbridge from interfering with AOL 8.0?

  [DELETED] 20:23 28 Dec 2003

Yes, from msconfig you can remove the tick from "Instant access" so that it does not load on start-up. It's a program that is not required to run all the time. just open it manually on the occasions that you need to use it. Please give this a try and let us know how you get on. j.

  [DELETED] 20:27 28 Dec 2003

Regarding the phone numbers you use to log on with, remember that from the "setup" window on the AOL desktop you can open the number display and move the numbers in any dialling order you wish. Just by clicking on them and holding/dragging to the top.

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