Unreliable infa-red

  kentylad 12:16 25 Nov 2003

I have an infa-red port on both my mobile phone and laptop, and wish synchronize certain settings on my mobile via laptop.

The phone is a nokia 6510, and I have the Nokia PC software specifically for the 6510. However, upon buying my data cable i realised i didn't have the right serial connection on my laptop. SO, i decided to try irda.

The laptop (after about 1 minute) seems to recognise the phone (XP Pro by the way) and the file transfer icon appears in the system tray. After about 2 mins of connectivity however, the connection is lost, even without any movement or obstructions. I have had similar problems with a Sony t68i, so i think it is definitly the laptop.

I have also heard that certain drivers for irda isssued by MS are unreliable, is this true? I have a VIA Fast Infa-red technology irda port on my laptop with driver version



  Sam Witch 14:31 25 Nov 2003

Does it work with any other devices?

I have laptop IR which works perfectly with my PDA but point blank refuses to connect to my Nokia 8310.
Phone wont connect to the PDA either.
I think it is a setting in the phone which I have not yet discovered.

Any Ideas?

  johnnyrocker 14:38 25 Nov 2003

might seem a silly question but do you have a phillips energy saving bulb for lighting or any other type? as they are notorious for interfering with infra red transmissions, might be way off the mark here but i have had it before!!


  kentylad 15:09 25 Nov 2003

Johnny - as a matter of fact I do have an enerygy savig light bulb - which I did switch off however still lost the connection. Thanc for the suggestion anyhow

Sam Witch - I also have a PDA (Toshiba e350) which again will not sustain a connection with my laptop, and a like with your case; is not or will not recognise my mobile phone

I downloaded some drivers from the VIA site, but these were merely the same as those installed by XP

Any more ideas anyone?


  kentylad 16:16 25 Nov 2003

Is anyone familiar with the settings I may have to incorporate for the hardware?

I have now been receiving an error code pop-up from connection manager;

"Operation Failed: 80010105"

Any Ideas?


  kentylad 21:09 25 Nov 2003


  Sam Witch 21:59 25 Nov 2003

My Searches idicate 80010105 error (Microsoft VBasic Runtime 32809 - Application defined or object defined error) and something to do with an optimax scanner driver. Out of 71 hits on alltheweb search for 80010105 error

I have had no similar errors the connection just times out.

I will keep an eye out on this as funny enough I have a couple of energy saving bulbs about the place.

  kentylad 22:03 25 Nov 2003

It really has stumped me

I have crawled the net for answers but cannot find a sausage

It seems to recognise that the phone is there, and true it shows in the nokia connection manager, its just when i try and load synchronization software when it times out


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