unrecognised camera

  Kassiopea 13:42 02 Nov 2005

Hi - husband has a Konika camera with install CD but my XP home edition won't recognise it and I seem to have tried everything. As I'm not good and all the books say ` it should recognise....' which is no help when it won't I'm lost. Can anyone help with SIMPLE terms please.

  Carbonara 13:56 02 Nov 2005

Have you tried just reading the card in a CardReader?

  Poloman69™ 13:56 02 Nov 2005

Are you connecting the camera to the pc via USB?

  Poloman69™ 14:03 02 Nov 2005

When you connected the camera to the pc - did you turn the camera on?
Silly little thing but it happens

  nooney 14:21 02 Nov 2005

With XP its very easy to access and download your photographs from all digital cameras.I use Casio and Fuji
Connect the camera via the USB cable and switch camera on.
Enter My Computer--click on new drive(possibly F:)
keep clicking until you see DCIM then click again to open your camera downloads.
You do not need camera software with XP.
You can then move photos into any folder

  uisquebeathus 14:27 02 Nov 2005

Hi, are the usb ports turned on in the motherboard bios and is the usb version 1.1 or version 2.0, what is the usb version for the camera?
If they are are they set in the Control panel/system manager/hardware/device manager/universal serial bus controller/usb root hubs/ properties/power management/ untick the box for the computer to turn of the powerfor usb devices.

  anchor 14:31 02 Nov 2005

As Carbonara said; use a USB card reader. These are now cheap, recognised immediately by XP, and easily available.

I have been a digital camera user for some years, and never bother with trying to get my camera recognised by Windows.

  jack 15:08 02 Nov 2005

To summerise all the valued auggestions.
1. With XP -camera software not required it is best to remove it and let Windoze do the work.
2. With the camera plugged in and switched on, please ensure the download 'button' is switched on as opposed to the taking button -how this works depends on the camera so read th book.
3. When all the above is achieved the camera will reveal its self as an extra drive in 'My Computer'
or use the the camera Wizard -See Windoze help file [F1].

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