Unreal Tournament 2003 locks-up after 5 mins or so

  Tombojo 17:09 11 Feb 2003

i recently installed Unreal Tournament 2003, but it locks up and lines appear across the screen, i thought that it might have been the video card so i put it on a much lower resolution, it just takes longer for it to crash, my suspicions are that the video card might be overheating because its only a Voodoo 3000 (16Mb)is this the problem or has it just installed wrong somehow?

  clayton 17:22 11 Feb 2003

I would first install the latest version of DirectX, also see if you can find new drivers for your card, it does say it will run with a 16mb card but they recommend 32mb +.
How much memory & what processor do you have ?

  Tombojo 17:31 11 Feb 2003

128Mb SD-ram
450Mhz PentiumIII

  gingepaul 18:26 11 Feb 2003

you are really asking for problems mate running such a power, and more importantly, memory hungry game, with a 16 mb voodoo card and 450 processor. some maps are enormous, and need loads of memory, a decent 9000pro card from ati will only set u back £70, and will give u a massive performance increase, but a 450 processor, dunno.
i think with anygame you must look at the recommended and try to exeed it a little [they always put unrealistic recommended hardware info on the box so as many people buy the game as poss, and the minimum are just being silly.
and u could get another stick of memory [128mb=£30ish/256=£50ish]that will also give u massive performance increases.

  ulrich 18:29 11 Feb 2003

I don't think your computer is up to this game, you need more memory, a better processor and a new graphics card.

  clayton 19:09 11 Feb 2003

on the back of the box it says Pentium III or AMD Athlon 733Mhz processor or greater, think you need to spend some money :(

  Tombojo 20:42 12 Feb 2003

well thats ok because i recently purchased all the parts for a computer that i'm building and the specs are a little better; Athlon xp2400+, 256mb ddr ram, ati Radeon 9500 (sapphire 128Mb).

  Tombojo 19:06 14 Feb 2003

but the mobo is faulty!!! oh well i've returned it and will get a replacement soon :)

  professor 16:55 15 Feb 2003

here is a tip

ive got unreal tourney 2003 run it in 640X480 you will save memory both onboard graphics memory and RAM and to be honest i dont see alot of improvement graphically if you run it in 800X600 it only eats lots of memory same applies for unreal2

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