unread mail

  pepa31 21:32 01 Nov 2007

on my log on log off screen i keep getting the message that i have unread mail 280 odd to be nearer to the point when i check my mail this is not the case can any one tell me how to stop it from doing this i have no idea why it is saying this when i check my mail my wifes theres never any thing there after ive deleted all the mail but on start up again it says i have mail on my account im the adminastrator can any one help please thank you so much if you can terry

  VoG II 21:38 01 Nov 2007
  johnnyrocker 23:04 01 Nov 2007

more details please.


  woodchip 23:07 01 Nov 2007

Have they gone into the trash folder?

  pepa31 01:21 02 Nov 2007

help on getting rid of mail messages

  pepa31 01:27 02 Nov 2007

vog you sent me alink allso the link i clicked on takes me to a page that enables and diables mail messages but when i click on the links there all s i get is a load of script writing that does not make any sense is there another way an easier way to stop it from telling me theres mail i just want to go to my mail and check it with out being told you see many people use this computer so its making it come up with all this mail you see which really is not there ive checked all the acccounts of every one in my house hold and there all read messages but still i get the message 285 unread mail helppppppppppppppp

  johnnyrocker 07:57 02 Nov 2007

something like your os, mail client etc?


  VoG II 08:29 02 Nov 2007

You will need to use Internet Explorer to correctly access the link that I posted.

  BurrWalnut 08:33 02 Nov 2007

This is the manual way to run the script that VoG™ referred to.

Start > Run, type regedit and press Enter then navigate to registry key
E-Mail Address] In the right pane right-click MessageCount, click Modify and change the value to 0 (zero).

  pepa31 15:39 02 Nov 2007

thanx a lot you lot for all your help cool speak soon

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