Unpredicatable web connection with Belkin & Devolo

  dannyp 17:22 30 Nov 2009

My setup is as follows:

Belkin ADSL2+ Modem with High Speed Mode Wireless G Router in house, connected via Ethernet to Devolo dLAN 200 adapter in plug socket. Second Devolo plug adapter in garden office (powered from the house's electrical circuit) connected via Ethernet to desktop PC running XP.

My problem is that I never know whether I'll get internet connection or not on the office PC. Some days it works flawlessly, some days it doesn't work at all.

Whenever it's not working, the PC says it's connected to the network with no problems - it just won't let me access web or e-mails. Sometimes when I try and rectify the situation, it loses connection with the network too.

I have a wireless laptop in the house which never has any trouble connecting to the internet, which suggests it's not a problem with my ISP (Orange).

This problem is driving me insane, so any help would be greatly appreciated.



  mgmcc 19:22 30 Nov 2009

Next time the connection is lost, check what the PC's IP address is. Open the Network Connections folder, click the Local Area Connection and look for the IP address at the bottom of the panel on the left per this screenshot click here

With a Belkin Router, the address should be between and If it isn't, try this:

Open a Command Prompt window ("Start > Run", type CMD and click OK) then, at the prompt type...


...and press Enter.

  Orange Response 09:29 03 Dec 2009

Hi dannyp,

Sorry to read of your problems. I work for Orange and may be able to help.

If you can email your landline number/broadband account number and best contact number to [email protected], I'll give you a ring to discuss.

So I can pick up your mail quickly, please add 'Jonathan Orange Response' in the first line.

Hope this helps

Orange Response Team

  dannyp 16:31 07 Dec 2009


Thanks for the reply regarding this problem. I checked the IP address and everything seemed to be in order. However, I have since realised what the problem may be.

Today I had a perfect internet connection on the office PC, then I went up to the house and connected to the internet wirelessly with my laptop and from that point on I couldn't get a connection on the office PC. It dropped out again later when my wife connected on the laptop as I was working in the office.

It seems as though connecting wirelessly on the laptop severs the office PC's wired connection, which suggests a problem with the Belkin router.

So my question is, is there anything I can do about this or do I just need a better router that can cope when two computers are hooked up to the web?



  mgmcc 21:13 07 Dec 2009

As both you and your wife appear to have Laptops, see what happens if you disconnect the cable from the Router to the Devolo plug adapter and plug it instead into your Laptop. Make sure your Laptop *ISN'T* also connecting wirelessly to the router. Once you have established the *WIRED* connection to the internet with your Laptop, connect your wife's Laptop "wirelessly" as she would normally do and see if you still lose the connection in your own Laptop (as the first PC to connect).

  dannyp 11:17 08 Dec 2009

Apologies, my post was misleading, we only have one laptop. But if I were to get hold of another laptop, try what you suggested and found that it did sever the first connection, what could I do about it (if anything)?

  mgmcc 13:08 08 Dec 2009

The suggestion was really a way of determining if the problem was due to the inclusion of the Devolo adapters, or if there was a fault with the router itself - process of elimination!

  dannyp 13:52 17 Dec 2009

OK here's an additional piece of information that may suggest that the Belkin router may be the root of the problem.

I borrowed some Netgear home plugs to replace the Devolo ones, and the problem still occurs with these different home plugs.

Could it be that the wireless connection between the laptop and router somehow cuts out the connection between the router modem and the Ethernet ports (through some sort of power supply fluctuation)?

Forgive me if this sounds like the ramblings of a novice but I don't fully understand how it all works and am trying to get a handle on it.



  mgmcc 12:34 18 Dec 2009

Routers are designed to allow multiple devices to connect to them, either by ethernet or "wirelessly", and no individual connection should cause a problem with another connection. It is possible that there is a hardware problem with your particular router though.

  dannyp 12:43 18 Dec 2009

Yeah I thought that it should allow multiple connections so a hardware fault sounds like a goos shout. Guess I need a new one for Christmas then!


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