unplug or plug in when opening pc cases

  matt1234 08:01 02 Aug 2004


im going to fit a network card to my computer(Yes it is very old) and one of my mates says when doing it leave it pluged in and enougher said unplug everything!

Whos correct?


  christmascracker 08:02 02 Aug 2004

I allways unplug completely, you never know!!

  Andsome 08:13 02 Aug 2004

You should NEVER mess about inside anything electrical with the power switched on.

  matt1234 08:15 02 Aug 2004

i know that what i ment plugged in with it switched off at the mains just the plugged in

  harps1h 08:22 02 Aug 2004

take the plug out then you know there is no power!

  matt1234 08:26 02 Aug 2004

so basicly unplug everything from the back


  Stuartli 08:31 02 Aug 2004

No. Switch the system off with the PSU's on/off button or, preferably, at the mains but leave the mains plug inserted.

This ensures that the case remains earthed.

You should then touch part of the metal chassis to disperse any static electricity, which could damage components.

Computer systems, apart from the PSU, work on very tiny voltages and you are very unlikely to find yourself being flung across the room...:-)

  Graham ® 10:44 02 Aug 2004

This has been debated many times. Do you know the socket is earthed? Do you know the switch turns off the live and not the neutral?

The object is to ensure that you and the computer are at the same potential, it is not necessary for this to be earth. Just touch a metal part.

  Stuartli 13:36 02 Aug 2004

As my system case is all metal (as is usually the case - no pun intended) I'm pretty convinced that the mains socket is earthed - what's more the whole house was rewired about 10 years ago.

The main fuse box is of the electronic type (similar to an RCB in use) and even a light bulb popping disables that particular circuit in nanoseconds.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:59 02 Aug 2004

All UK sockets earthed (if wired correctly)for last 60 years.(IEE REGS)

Recommended as per Stuartli unless opening power supply unit then uplug completely.

If your not sure then unplug completely and wear an eathing strap on the wrist connected to a radiator pipe (water system is earthed)

Beware of nylon carpets and synthetic clothing all of which can produce high voltage static.

  Timmy!! 15:22 02 Aug 2004


Regardless of the socket being wired correctly or what fusebox you have, the cable or PSU could be wired incorrectly and it takes less than a nanosecond of UK mains for your heart to stop, you may not actually cook but you'll still be dead.

What is more valuable your life or your PC?

If you have difficulty deciding this one, take the third route and spend £10 on an antistatic mat and wrist strap.

Common sense surely?

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