Unocking your cell phone

  katkins 16:18 16 Oct 2008

I have a Sagem MC Y5-2V locked into Vodafone that I bought 1.8 years ago, but rather than part with it, I am thinking of getting it unlocked as Vodafone now charge 20p per min nationally and locally. They've done away with their special package deals in the PAYGo category, it would seem.

Can anyone recommend a bonafida company at a good price?

I'd be grateful.


  NewestRoyWidd1 16:26 16 Oct 2008

Have you tried your local shops,market stalls etc?

  Pamy 16:31 16 Oct 2008

I have a Sagem my X-2, locked into Orange and it cannot be unlocked, yours may be similar. Just take it to any street unlocker and ask first.

  hssutton 16:35 16 Oct 2008

Most of the small phone shops will do this for a fiver. I've had three phones done, two at the local market and one in the local shop.

  katkins 16:46 16 Oct 2008

Mine can be unlocked, yes!

I've checked out a few online services, but I'm reluctant to part with money up front and either not get the code at all or end up with one that doesn't work, if you see what I mean. Hence, my query regarding a bonafide company.

I always thought that phone shops charged far more than a fiver as I read it somewhere on another forum that they do.

  birdface 17:07 16 Oct 2008

Some phones are easier to open than others hence the price difference.It cost me £20 to get mine opened in a local shop.Asdas only charge 8p a minute and 4p for text messages if you get it opened.

  thms 17:14 16 Oct 2008

There are quite a few sites that give you unlocking codes free. I have unlocked two Samsungs using them but if you don't want to take the chance your phone goes bye-bye then take it to a shop.
Ask first how much it is going to cost before handing it over though.

Orange are very hard to unlock if at all.They seem to be the only company that take this attitude.

  katkins 17:23 16 Oct 2008


Yes, Asda's SIM was one of the cards I was after and for some reason, after 3 attempts right at the end of the transaction, a message came up each time saying my Credit Card didn't match my personal details.

I gave up after that.

I intended getting 2. One for my cell-free phone and one for the Sagem when I can get it unlocked.

I tried Labera for one of their SIMs too and they declined my CC, yet my card is clean and I haven't been blocked by my bank either.

  katkins 17:48 16 Oct 2008


Thanks for the advice. Yes, Samsung is the only manufacture of phone that I've found free codes being offered over the Net for so far and to be honest, the procedure looked quite complicated - enough to put me off.

I also read on another unlocking website that the original phone service provider's flash screen, adverts and jingle tune is not removed during unlocking and these can potentially create problems with a new SIM card.

  hssutton 17:55 16 Oct 2008

"I always thought that phone shops charged far more than a fiver as I read it somewhere on another forum that they do"

Maybe I should have said the "Small phone accessories shops". It cost me a fiver to unlock a Samsung D800 locked into Vodaphone. As I was using the sim from my old phone no other cost was involved, A new Virgin sim would have cost me another fiver. This was just a month ago.

  NewestRoyWidd1 18:34 16 Oct 2008

Have you actually tried your local shops?Ask several what they will charge you,at least that way you will get the job done for you,rather than the complicated procedures(if you're not confident)doing it online.

Also by getting it done in a shop,you'll see what you are getting for your money.Which would you rather do,risk a damaged phone and possibly your money by doing it online,or get it done face to face in a shop?

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