Unobtainable Drives

  Bill 18:33 15 Feb 2005

I've been using a Peb-drive as a back-up, for over a year on a USB2 hub (H:\ drive).

Suddenly my (H:\) drive is no longer recognised by my computer. and I have information on my pen-drive that I would like to get at.I've tried it out on a friends computer and it doesn't work there either, although he is quite happily using his own pen-drive on a USB2 port.

I looked up the Device manager, and all the drive letters are there, but the one that I require has a red ? mark on it.

The pen-drive is alive, and lights up. Can anyone suggest how to get it recognised again.


  mattyc_92 18:45 15 Feb 2005

Ok... this is interesting.... DO you take it out all the time after you have finished with it??

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:34 15 Feb 2005

Uninstall and reinstall USB drivers

  Bill 23:03 15 Feb 2005

To Mattyc_92,

I have a cable and stand that I plug in to a rear USB2 port, and unless I need to take some files elsewhere, I leave the pen-drive plugged in and always have done.

Incidentally Fruit Bat, I am running XP, and no drivers are required.I do have a disc, and I tried to load drivers from it but was kicked into touch, so no joy there. It's driving me up the wall, but then so many things associated with computers do!.

My wife puts her fingers in her ears when she walks past my study.

Thank you both for replying to my call for help, but the situation remains somewhat fraught to say the least.



  groundhog 23:18 15 Feb 2005

Have you clicked on the highlighted device in device manager and looked in the properties to see what information it is giving

  curlylad 23:22 15 Feb 2005

See if this helps click here

  .exe 23:29 15 Feb 2005

Try assaigning it a new drive letter, such as J:/ or something

  Boughton Button 23:48 15 Feb 2005

Just a thought, but have you tried the pen drives' manufacturer's site, there may be something in the support pages there.

Otherwise, have you gone into device manager and uninstalled the pen drive from your system, rebooted, then re-attached the drive to see if it gets picked up and drivers reloaded, this sometimes sorts these problems. Try attaching the drive directly to the pc's usb port, i.e. not through the usb hub.

Could also be that something has come loose in the pen drive itself...which is not so good, the fact that it didn't show on your friend's drive is a worry.

Might be time to buy the wife some good earplugs.

  woodchip 23:52 15 Feb 2005

If the other computer did not even recognise a USB had been plugged in, I would say the drive is duff

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