unnamed network - is it a security problem?

  MyG 20:37 21 Jun 2008

I've bought my son a Compaq C773 with XP Home Premium. I'm already set up with a wireless router on my desktop via ethernet and have another laptop set up to the network wirelessly - both work fine on the newtork, as does his Xbox. When setting up the compaq to the network, the "connect to a network" pane, shows the correct network, which connects correctly and is visible on Macafee network magager, but there also a network called "unnamed network" (this situation has not happened on the other laptop also with XP Home premium). I'm concerned as can this be seen by others not on the network and is it this likely to compromise my router security.
Can I delete it or hide it from the compaq altogether?

  grey george 21:15 21 Jun 2008

This means you are detecting a network where the ssid is hidden so unless you know the name you can not attempt to connect, it another level of security. I guess your sons pc is newer and so may have a better range than your other wireless kit so it can pick up this network while you can't.

  MyG 21:42 21 Jun 2008

Thanks greygeorge - do you think my set should be ok re the security - I have everything as tight as I can, from what I have been told - re WPA2 and having a good key plus having my ssid not visible - but I was a bit concerned as this unnamed network appears very close from the signal strength.

  grey george 21:51 21 Jun 2008

It should be fine. It may be that when your machine starts it finds your own network before it has set up its identitiy, you may find if you hit refresh that the unknown network dissapears.

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