Unlock a locked excel file

  Andreas Paulsen 15:12 25 May 2018

Hello! I need some help with unlocking a locked excel-file. I cannot seem to do it on my Mac but might be easier on a PC. I can access it but I want to edit the sheet. Maybe the easiest may to send the one that can help me is to send me your e-mail so I can send you the file. Please!! Thank you!

  Pine Man 15:42 25 May 2018

Locked Excel files can be unlocked just as easily on either a Mac or a PC.....if you know the password.

  Andreas Paulsen 15:53 25 May 2018

Obviously I don't have the password. That's what I need help with.

  wee eddie 16:27 25 May 2018

Perhaps you should ask the guy, who created the Password, what it is

  Pine Man 16:59 25 May 2018

send me your e-mail

I don't think so.

  Andreas Paulsen 20:15 25 May 2018

I've tried the VBA code, the program just freezes up. It's for the upcoming World Cup. I'm trying to make a prediction game with some of my co-workers. If anyone can help me and unlock this document, I'd be very grateful. click here link is below the row of flags.


  Andreas Paulsen 21:57 25 May 2018

What is a file extension? Please, if it's so simple to you guys - can you please do it for me and send it to me by e-mail or something?

  wee eddie 22:41 25 May 2018

I suppose that you have either Microsoft Office or LibreOffice on your Computer

  lotvic 22:41 25 May 2018

You use a computer for work? How can you not know what a file extension is?

ok.... By defaults, Windows and the Mac OS do not show file extensions. To view file extensions you would first need to enable them.

Explanation and tutorial guide from bleepingcomputer.com click here

  Andreas Paulsen 22:51 25 May 2018

Really? Because I just downloaded LibreOffice and tried and it is still locked..

  wee eddie 23:20 25 May 2018

I don't think that the OP has had suitable software installed on his computer

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