unlock keyboard press F1 to continue

  jack 19:55 29 Jul 2005

I have seen the above in various posts, here and else where and have thought this must be some obtuse joke , which I did not get the handle on.

Then to-day P.O.S.T halted at an early stage,and there it was
'Unlock keyboard press F1 to continue'

and of course pressing F1 did nothing because........
A Re boot did the same.
We went to do the weekly shop
Came home had a refreshing cuppa
booted up and all was normal
So what was that all about?

  mattyc_92 19:59 29 Jul 2005

Either the lead for the Keyboard wasn't fitted properly, or there just wasn't any/enough power to "see" the keyboard correctly.

I agree, it IS stupid... My old system's keyboard was broken and it said press "F1" to continue... What good would that do if the keyboard has died?

Anyway, I hope I have answered your question

  octal 20:03 29 Jul 2005

It's Microsoft's little bit of humour :-)

  jack 12:27 31 Jul 2005

I am wondering if this is not some form a nasty?
Only a total shutdown to wall socket and restarts seems to bring about a remedy.

Certainly connection did occur to be as I have a
KVA setup- but restoring the PS/2 socket to the computer is not a fix.

  octal 13:01 31 Jul 2005

I know it sounds funny, but seriously, have you tried a another keyboard? If you think about it if the keyboard is faulty on POST it could quite well through up this strange message, after all, computers are pretty stupid things and this is the only way it has of telling you the keyboard is faulty.

  octal 13:02 31 Jul 2005

through = throw of course.

  jack 14:24 31 Jul 2005

Well i dont have a spare K/B kicking around as you may imagine- but perhaps this is some thing to consider.
As you can see it is behaving now.

I am in the middle of a rebuild- this machine is stripped down to bare minimum at moment pending arrival of a new[larger]PSU- whereupon we will shift upto 64 bit- Then the machine can have fun with me by acting up even quicker

  Pooke 14:31 31 Jul 2005

"Then the machine can have fun with me by acting up even quicker"

I love comments like that, that's what it's all about! Great stuff!


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