Unlimited Dial-Up ISP required

  CLONNEN 09:51 28 Oct 2006

My sister is currently using Fast4 (part of V21) with unlimited dial-up usage for £5.00 a month. However the company has now changed over to Biscuit who don't seem to want dial-up customers. Her primary email address is still working but the additional email accounts she created no longer allow access. She is supposed to be entitled to 5 email addresses with the £5 a month plan - Biscuit aren't honoring this as far as I can tell so I have recommended that she cancel the direct debit for the Fast4 internet connection (which isn't working since the change to Biscuit) and sign up with another ISP.

Any recommendations? I did spot an offer on Supanet for £4.99 unlimited dial-up - is it any good?

  Miros 10:01 28 Oct 2006

Look at this click here

  johnnyrocker 10:19 28 Oct 2006

click here


  CLONNEN 10:47 28 Oct 2006

The Supanet page doesn't exactly give a wealth of information does it? Are there any hidden catches?

  Eric10 11:06 28 Oct 2006

It would appear that the Supanet £4.99/month offer is for the first 2 months only then it's £9.99 after that. You get 5 email addresses and 20MB of webspace. If you don't remove the tick from the antivirus box you will also be charged £2.49/month for that. It is also a 12 month minimum contract.
I found all this just by clicking 'Continue' then the 'more info' button.

  Fingees 11:34 28 Oct 2006

Although I am on broadband, I still use Supanet on a pay as you go basis. This keeps all my old Email addresses accessible , provided I use it within a 90 day period, so i use it for a few minutes about once per month..

When I was originally on dial up, I used them exclusively.

I never had any problems with them, and still don't.

Also if you regularly use them. various free offers of goodies are available every month to users, such as DVDs Software ETC.,
The only thing you pay for is the postage, of £2.99 per item.

So if you don't access to often, pay as you go is an option as an alternative to anytime.

Hope this hels.

  CLONNEN 13:48 28 Oct 2006

I don't want my sister to be stuck in a contract. I want one that is easy to cancel if needed.

She doesn't use the internet very much. A few hours at the weekend and sometimes in the evenings after getting home from work. She also has Tuesdays off.

Are there any others who offer internet access for under £5 a month. Preferably direct debit as it's easier to cancel.

Took me 3 months to cancel my Fast4 account after I changed to Virgin.net broadband - they continued to charge my credit card even after the internet access username and password had ceased to exist. Hence why I changed my sister's account with Fast4 to a direct debit.

I'm paying for her internet access you see (she's supposed to pay me back but never seems to get around to it). So I don't dare let her sign up with her own payment details as she is not reliable as far as regular payments go.

  CurlyWhirly 14:00 28 Oct 2006

From only £1.99 a month for a metered service and from only £4.99 for an unmetered service, it's a wonder that ISP's make any money from dial-up now!

  Miros 14:36 28 Oct 2006

Fingees. Why don't you use Hotmail so long as you use it every so many months it lasts indefinitely for free. It's the first email address I ever had and still there maybe 10 years later. you could keep all your address's there.
I also have what were two pay as you go Irish email address's from when I lived over there, they are still operational via their Web mail and I still use them from time using my AOL broadband to access them. Can't see why you pay extra for Supanet on top of Broadband charges.

Aye but what were they making before real competition kicked in?

  Fingees 16:35 28 Oct 2006


I probably can use Supanet without regularly connecting via dialup.

I personally don't like Hotmail, and as Supanet is one of my original email addresses, I am loathe to change it.I like to have a couple of addresses for different people, and it only costs me about ten pence per month, plus I've had some good freebies.

All the best

  Miros 20:35 28 Oct 2006

I understand your reluctance to let go, I'm the same, I have one that now which has at least 35 spam mails a day it has no inbuilt filter and the easy way would be to dump it, but it has it's uses.
Tell me though is there no web mail for Supanet, which would allow you access via your current ISP?

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