Unknown warning message keeps appearing

  ponytail 21:20 24 Dec 2014

I have had the following message now afew times and am a bit concerned and wondered if anyone knew what the message meant.Message as follows. Attacker name Port Scan Attacker IP Attacker Mac The message came from my Bullguard Program

My wife has also had a strange message on her ipad and have told her to let me know if it appears again so I can make a note of what it says. Can someone advise.Thanks

  spuds 12:07 25 Dec 2014

You might find a bit of information with the link, if you can understand it. If you cannot, then perhaps someone else more able than me, might translate it for you. If you do a Google search, like I have just done, then you might find more about this 'problem' you have.

Information via Netgear support click here

  ponytail 12:36 25 Dec 2014

I did put that IP address into google but it was all too technical for me.I know both my laptop and my wifes I Pad both seemed to be slower than normal

  rdave13 12:54 25 Dec 2014

It's a home network address, have a look here. Overactive firewall may be.

  rdave13 16:33 25 Dec 2014

No reply so try this; reboot your router. Preferably by logging in via a browser and find the setting to reboot. Some have restart instead of rebooting. Do not re-set it though. I find it kinder to the router set-up than simply switching off the router and switching on again after a few minutes. Should get rid of the message and conflict.

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