Unknown Tranaction on my Bank.

  bristolgirl 11:11 23 Nov 2012

Hi. I had a call from my bank last night, to say that there was some fraudulent activity on my account. 2 attempts were made to pay to a pharmacy in the USA yesterday. Fortunately, they spotted it and stopped the transactions going through.

Yesterday too, I registered this card with Amazon. So I am thinking that maybe I have a Keylogger (not sure if that is the right term for it). I have superantispyware and Avast on my laptop but should I be using something else too to combat this problem?

Always appreciate all help and support given!!

  HondaMan 11:28 23 Nov 2012

You could try "asaware" which is quite good - and free and doubtless other furum users will add their bits later.

Search the forums for "spyware+removal"

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:29 23 Nov 2012

Suprised those haven't found anything, of course there could be a problem at the Amazon end.

Card cancelled?

Try malwarebytes

  bristolgirl 11:30 23 Nov 2012

Many thanks for your reply HondaMan!

Is asaware OK to use with the other AV's I have?

  lotvic 11:32 23 Nov 2012

I also have Avast and I use Trusteer Rapport, downloaded it free from my Bank's website.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:35 23 Nov 2012

I assume Hondaman means Adaware I used to use it but found Malwarebytes to be better

Both will work Ok with your other stuff.

  bristolgirl 11:36 23 Nov 2012

Hi Fruit Bat.

Yes, my card has been cancelled. Superantispyware did find a pup.cnet I'm not even sure what this is and I'm pretty sure I haven't downloaded anything from cnet recently. Could this be it?

  xania 11:37 23 Nov 2012

The problem is you can never be absolutely certain that you don't have some key-logger lurking, so its best to take extra precautions as well

Whenever I need to type something as sensitive as this into my PC, I always do it in stages. Firstly, in advance and with IE etc closed, I type the number, and all other relevant data (end date, name, security code) into either a spreadsheet or Word document and save it in an encrypted location on my HDD. When entering data, I don't do it in order (first few characters of number then security number then few more character of number then date etc.)

Then, when I need to enter the data I open the site and use copy and paste to enter the data as required to the site.

  bristolgirl 11:42 23 Nov 2012

Wow Xania. That is good advice. Many thanks! I shall have to remember to do all that too.

Thank you again Fruit Bat. I think I might give Malwarebytes a go then, especially if it will be OK with my other stuff.

  bristolgirl 12:26 23 Nov 2012

Thank you Jock1e. I will have to carry out those actions! I've got to go to London for a hospital appointment now, so I will be out of action for a few days. Hopefully, I managed to stop anything too untoward happening.

Thank you everybody for your help and advice!

  wiz-king 12:33 23 Nov 2012

It is quite rare to get your card hacked from your computer, other transactions cause more trouble. Install Trusteer or other software your that your bank supplies (this will prevent redirection to non-legit banking sites).

As Jock!e said dont let your card out of your sight at restaurants or shops - they should bring the card machine to you or you go to the machine - look out for signs of ATM machine tampering.

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