m1kelys0ns 21:58 27 Jan 2005

Hey guys, just wondering if anyone on here can help me out with a small problem I have.

When I try to search on google I never get exact matches to the keyword I enter and end up with links about how to buy and how to get to what I search for.

When I look in my control panel I find that there is a search assistant installed.

When I try and remove this it just doesnt budge!

Has anyone had this problem before and could you please help me. I have tried spyware remover but this doesnt clear it, please help and your time is much appreciated!

Many thanks,


  VoG II 22:03 27 Jan 2005

Ad-aware click here Spybot click here CWShredder click hereclick here

  m1kelys0ns 22:11 27 Jan 2005

I tried click here and this didn't seem to help, are these all similar things?

thanks for your post!

  VoG II 22:18 27 Jan 2005

You may have been badly advised click here

Please run the above.

  m1kelys0ns 22:36 27 Jan 2005

I installed Adaware and that has removed it from the control panel but the google search is still the same. Any ideas?

thank you so much for your time!

  m1kelys0ns 19:07 01 Feb 2005

Any other ideas gents?

  gudgulf 19:22 01 Feb 2005

Just to be sure you have a problem and not just getting sponsored links can you give an example of a keyword that does this?

  m1kelys0ns 22:29 01 Feb 2005

No, no matter what I search for I never get accurate answers, it just sends me to other sites e.g kelkoo.co.uk, whatever this is!

  oldone 01:37 02 Feb 2005

You may have a Qhost. Try here.
click here

  Bagsey 11:42 02 Feb 2005

If you have tried all of the things that VOG suggested and you are still having this trouble then I suggest that (assuming you are running XP or ME) you do a system restore to a time that you know everything was OK. It will not affect your data but to be sure backup where necessary.

  m1kelys0ns 20:56 04 Feb 2005

The Qhost fix sorted me out, thank you so much for your time gents!

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