Unknown protection on word document to reversion

  collinsc 20:01 18 Jun 2018

Hi All

I am writing a word document from a template. Every time i want to save it, it comes up with a message (sorry i dont have that message as not at work at moment) that wont let me save unless i change the name/version. Is there an unknown protection i perhaps dont know about?

any advice appreciated thanks

  wee eddie 20:21 18 Jun 2018

Just give your version a name.

It cannot alter the Template, so therefor cannot Save with that name

  collinsc 20:40 18 Jun 2018

its a work document so i need to keep the format the same e.g... "WorkDoc v0.0.1"

So i want to make changes today and tomorrow and keep it "WorkDoc v0.0.1", but it is making me change the name every time i make a change to the document, so im having to name it "WorkDoc v0.0.2" today, and tomorrow ill need to call it "WorkDoc v0.0.4". Before long ill end up with too many versions! (make more than 1 change a day!)


  wee eddie 22:56 18 Jun 2018

If your making that many alterations to a Template. Copy the Template > give your new document a Name which includes the date and time. e.g. Work-2018.06.18-22.35 and change the date and time every time you change it.

However, once you've copied the Template into another document, you can change that as often as you wish.

It's the Template you can't change

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:06 18 Jun 2018

its probably try to save as a .dot you need to save as a .doc

  Secret-Squirrel 08:42 19 Jun 2018

Collin, right click an affected file, choose "Properties" and let me know exactly what it says for "Type of file".

  Gordon Freeman 09:38 19 Jun 2018

I don't think it's a protection issue, I think it's more along the lines of what fruitbat/wee eddie have said, above. By the sound of it you're trying to save what you think is a .doc, but maybe the dialogue box which pops ups says something like 'do you wish to make changes to the template', which is a .dot.

  collinsc 18:36 19 Jun 2018

thanks all, ill take a look when im back in work and report back. cheers

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