Unknown problem in background

  Pip58 23:43 25 Feb 2012

Can anyone help please. When I log off and close down my laptop, for a nano-second, something flashes up on the screen and all I can make out are the words "is dead" but there is a lot more script, but it all happens so quickly i am unable to read any more. I have run my anti-virus several times and nothing is being flagged up. There are no viruses detected and no threats. I have also run Windows Security and again no virus or threat is found. Sometime ago I recall hearing that a virus or threat can lie dormant on the computer waiting to be triggered off?

Can anyone offer any suggestions what this might be and how do I establish what kind of threat or menace it is and how I can get rid off it before any damage is done.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

Many thanks

  rdave13 23:53 25 Feb 2012
  Pip58 00:05 26 Feb 2012

Thanks very much rdave13, I have got Chrome installed and you've now put my mind at rest. Very much appreciated.

Cheers Pip58

  robin_x 11:24 26 Feb 2012

You could video the screen with your mobile phone and then step through it to double check the message.

Or try hitting the Pause button on the keyboard. But that's hit and miss and may not work anyway.

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