"Unknown Partition" after SPEEDOS Installation

  powerless 02:09 15 Aug 2003

Using that Windows Operating system known as Windows XP and with the Service Pack 1 installed...

2 x 120 GB Hard Drives...

Partitioned like this...

Disk 0 - 97.65GB C: Windows XP | 14.13 GB D: Games

Disk 1 - 20.51GB (no drive letter assigned also an unknown partiton) Drive Image | 20.51GB F: Backup | 64.47GB (Unknown Partition) | 7.27GB E: SPEEDOS

Partitions C: | Drive Image | 64.47GB (Unknown Partition) | 7.27GB E: SPEEDOS are Primary patitions.

D: and F: are Logical drives...

Now in Windows Explorer only partitions C: D: E: and F: are shown. The partition "Drive image" (20.51GB) is not shown. In diskmgmt.msc this partition is shown as "Unknown Partition" It has no drive letter assigned and the only option from a right click is "Delete" :-(

It is this partiton that i need as it contains all of my imgaes.

The above partition became Unknown after i installed SPEEDOS.

The 64.47GB (Unknown Partition) is simply unformatted.

Any ideas of how to go about getting my partiton known again?

(hope it makes sense)

  hugh-265156 02:40 15 Aug 2003

boot from a partition magic boot disc and run a check on the partition maybe.should also let you unhide it if its been hidden.

  zanwalk 05:39 15 Aug 2003

Did you use Partition Magic to create the partitions or XP?

If PM, the advice from huggyg71 is correct, and that is probably the cause of your problem.

What boot manager are you using to boot SPEEDOS?

  powerless 07:16 15 Aug 2003

I partitioned using the Windows Setup for disk 0.

Disk 1 was installed a few weeks ago and was formatted within Windows and everything was perfect.

I do not have partiton magic.

To boot into speedos i simply switch the boot device to disk 1.

I have not added it to the boot.ini file in XP. No third party booter.

  zanwalk 08:49 15 Aug 2003

I would use a DI floppy to boot the PC and see what info that would give me, after all if you are able to see the partition using DI, you will be able to restore/create images.

If not, DI should give you an error message, which can be checked in the pdf manual.

  hugh-265156 15:39 15 Aug 2003

any joy Powerless?

  powerless 19:15 15 Aug 2003

OK, i booted from the CD (I'm using DI7).

No errors reported etc.

The partition is still unknown as i cannot see it.

In DI7 if i open the image browser the partition is still not seen.

However if I open the main DI7, the partition is seen and is named as "Drive Image" but has the following for a drive letter - *:\

  woodchip 19:25 15 Aug 2003

I would copy all data from the drive to C:\ then use Partition Magic or Acronis what I use and clear all the partitions on the drive and recreate new ones

  zanwalk 19:35 15 Aug 2003

How important are those image files? The only suggestion I would make now is to view the partitions using Partition Magic or similar, but preferably PM because it comes from the same stable as DI.

If you are stuck, mail me for more info.

  powerless 20:24 15 Aug 2003

How important are those image files? - Well it contains an original of the C drive so if anything goes wrong i can restore.

However i have solved...


Heres what i did!

Imaged the "Drive Image" partiton to the C: drive. I could see the partition and create an image of it.

Then delelted the partition and recreated it.

Restored the images of the C drive back to the DI partition.

Hey Presto back to normal.

  zanwalk 20:31 15 Aug 2003

Well done!

A suggestion for the future is to always split the images into CD sized chunks, then you are able to burn a copy to CD giving you a 'belt and braces' solution.

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