unknown icons

  1st spring 20:03 10 Apr 2010

Please what does ViewerX.alb stand for and what is it used for as I find it sometimes amongst my pictures same goes for SD_VIDEO. Both I find in picture folders and I wonder is it alright to delete them?

  northumbria61 21:33 10 Apr 2010

This is what it refers to -

click here

  1st spring 22:04 10 Apr 2010

Nice one. Do you think you could explain for me please Do I delete or not. Will it be alright if I delete?

  rdave13 22:46 10 Apr 2010

Be very careful of Rapidshare Files linked by northumbria61. Peer to Peer downloads come at a price if illegal downloads have been used.
Run your anti- this and that- first then reboot and remove.

  lotvic 23:08 10 Apr 2010

sounds like some sort of viewer that uses ActiveX and makes an album of the folder files

try rightclicking on it and see what it says in 'properties'

  1st spring 23:27 10 Apr 2010

What you are talking about? It says file folder Video. File Unknown etc. I quite often see these. I was told once to leave them as they help my pictures work. They are only still pictures. I have 2 videos on the PC. I have heard of ActiveX before. You are answering someone, who knows very very little about PCs and how they work. I often see them but all I want are my pictures in a folder not these icons that I know nothing about. These icons must be on your PC also.

  rdave13 23:43 10 Apr 2010

Are you the only user of the computer?
If not then then ask what has been downloaded to your PC.
If you are the only account on the computer ( with no access to anyone else) then only you will Know what you install.
You've got Icons on your Desktop you "know nothing about"?

  northumbria61 07:57 11 Apr 2010

"These icons must be on your PC also" - No they are NOT on my PC.

I would try the suggestion by "rdave13" - Run your anti- this and that- first then reboot and remove.


You could do a complete backup or create a restore point prior to removal if you think it will cause a problem - that way if you believe what you were told - "I was told once to leave them as they help my pictures work" - you will be able to restore your PC back to how it was.

But I am with "rdave13" on this one - I don't think you need it and it needs to be removed.

  1st spring 13:01 11 Apr 2010

I think it must be alright to remove them the way I understand from Northumbria61. But the icons are Not on the Desk Top. They are in My Pictures folders

  Technotiger 13:07 11 Apr 2010

If you have made created a Restore Point, just delete them!! I am quite certain no harm will have been done.

  1st spring 03:23 13 Apr 2010

I have made a DVD which will play on my PC but not on my TV. The disk I made previously did work on the DVD player. It is a + disk

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