Unknown folder on local drive

  Dillydream 10:27 12 May 2010

I have just found a folder named "48a67f3cbe1f1d7ce0" on my local drive apparently created on October 2009. Is it anything to worry about?

  rawprawn 10:31 12 May 2010

What does it say in Properties?

  Dillydream 11:59 12 May 2010

Thanks rawprawn. Properties shows Type as File Folder. Contents 14 files and 2 folders. Read only. Properties of the 2 folders show that they "open with unknown application". I've just noticed that both folders contain identical files which include something called "print filter pipeline proxy" and looks as if it may be something to do with MS XP print drivers. Could this be so?

  rawprawn 12:27 12 May 2010

I think it may be part of the MS Operating system. Have you got Folder Options set to "Show Hidden Folders" ? if so set it to Don't Show Hidden Folders and see if it disappears.

  Pine Man 12:56 12 May 2010

I had these and all I did was put them in the recycle bin and left them for a couple of weeks. The world didn't come to an end so I deleted them. Guess what - the world continues to revolve!

  Dillydream 14:23 12 May 2010

Thanks for your advice rawprawn but I already have fold options set to don't show hidden folders. I think I'll try Pine Man's suggestion and see what happens.

  rawprawn 15:27 12 May 2010

Yes,that would have been my next suggestion.

  bremner 15:46 12 May 2010

These are folders/files created by Windows during updates.

  rawprawn 16:35 12 May 2010

Thanks for the info, for future reference should they be kept?

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