Unknown file.

  toadoftoadhall 18:50 22 Nov 2003

For the last couple of weeks, I've had this file in my Windows Temp folder which Windows wont let me delete; ZLT7261.TMP
Has anyone got any ideas what it is or where it might have come from, and more to the point, how to get rid of it?

  toadoftoadhall 18:52 22 Nov 2003

...I'm running Win 98SE on an old PIII 500 if it helps.

  AubreyS 18:53 22 Nov 2003

Try rebooting and see if you can delete it then.

  bremner 18:56 22 Nov 2003

Boot to DOS and delete it there.

C:/deltree C:/Windows/temp/ZLT7261.tmp

  woodchip 19:01 22 Nov 2003

Yes its a temp ZoneAlarm file if you shut ZoneAlarm down you can delete it

  wee eddie 20:27 22 Nov 2003

The reason you can't delete it is probably because it's in use!

  toadoftoadhall 11:09 24 Nov 2003

thanks everyone - shut down ZA and it did the trick.
So easy when you know how...

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