Unknown error when switching between users

  SB23 18:54 15 Jan 2007

If my wife and I switch users on our pc, we get an "unknown error-1056" when that persons screen comes up.
It doesn't seem to be a serious cause for concern, but I was wondering if anyone had encountered this before. I did come to the forum with this before, and the cure, or so I thought, was to delete my wife's account, then reinstate it. As that hasn't worked does anyone have any other ideas?

Thanks in advance


  Jackcoms 19:04 15 Jan 2007

click here=

It might also be worth downloading and installing Microsoft's User Profile Hive Cleanup tool click here

  SB23 19:07 15 Jan 2007

Thanks for that. I did a Google search and came up with nothing. Will try the cleanup tool now.

I'll let you know.


  SB23 19:10 15 Jan 2007

Its installed. It doesn't appear to need any input from me. Does it do "its stuff" on its own?

  Jackcoms 19:23 15 Jan 2007

Yes, it works in the background (theoretically). No input needed from you.

  SB23 19:26 15 Jan 2007

Just logged my wife's account off, the error came up, then the pc rebooted. Any other ideas?

  Jackcoms 19:29 15 Jan 2007

What about a Windows repair??

Sometimes the system files (those required to run Windows properly) can become corrupted.

Here's how to run a check on your system files:
• Click Start; Run.
• In the Run box, type cmd.exe to open the command prompt window.
• At the prompt, type sfc.exe /scannow
• Press ENTER. If Windows finds problems with the system files, you will be prompted to insert your Windows XP installation CD to restore the files.

If no problems are found and the scan finishes, type exit and press ENTER.

  Jackcoms 19:30 15 Jan 2007

Just off to watch Corrie and Dead Enders now, so may not be back for a while!!

Yeah, I know, it's sad. ;-((

  SB23 19:33 15 Jan 2007

Its asking for Xp Professional Service Pack 2 CD?
Its a Home edition. Does it matter?

  Jackcoms 19:38 15 Jan 2007

Most odd.

Yes, it probably does matter. Are you sure it's Home? What CD have you got - Home or Pro?

  SB23 19:42 15 Jan 2007

I didn't wait, not watching them with my wife, lol.

Pc says that because the version is newer on the pc, that if I use the cd, then an older version would be installed. I don't want to do that.

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