"Unknown Disc" on reinstall, Dell 9100 Dimension

  rods 21:47 22 Jun 2006


I have a restore disc which came with the computer (xp preinstalled). I have tried resinstalling and get as far as the blue screen which says, 'Create New Partition', 'Delete'...or 'Repair'.

Now below that (which should be your current Partitions) all that is listed is Unknown about 4 times in line.

About 4 months ago i did this no problem, reinstalled the whole computer fine, but am baffled as to why i now cant reinstall.

If anyone can help so i can reinstall xp, would be very greatfull.


Dell Dimension 9100
XP Home
1 gig DDR
Pentium 4 3.6 HT
Nvida 7800 OC G.Card.

Thanks for your time.

  woodchip 21:52 22 Jun 2006

As partitions been changed? files deleted etc?

  rods 21:54 22 Jun 2006

Not as what i know.

I have just gone to reinstall and that is what it says..unknown disc

  woodchip 21:58 22 Jun 2006

Did you boot with the CD in comp?

  rods 22:00 22 Jun 2006

Yeah Woodchip, i set the CD drive as first boot, click 'any button' to boot from cd, Loaded a load of files then reached that blue screen to install

  namtas 22:32 22 Jun 2006

You should have a DELL PC recovery Icon with the 9100 if it not showing it is here

"C:\dell\Dell Support Documents\PC_Recovery\1092188.htm"

It may help to resolve your problem.

And you will be aware that DELL have provided a seperate windows XP install disk for you, which you have to create seperately.

  woodchip 22:34 22 Jun 2006

Icon's are only shortcuts to programs

  rods 22:42 22 Jun 2006

Am confused, all thats in there NAMTAS is an icon of what you say and just opens up as a picture.

The only other folder there is Drivers.

Thanks for the input there woodchip????

  woodchip 22:44 22 Jun 2006

Did you try Repair as that's the one I would go for?

  rods 22:46 22 Jun 2006

I didnt no, ive just tried again and now i cant even select any option, just stalls..aggghhhh!!

  rods 22:47 22 Jun 2006

just to add i did a system restore earlyier..which worked, but i still need to resinstall..which dont work!

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