Unknown Device Driver failure - causing crashes

  Lacombe 07:37 24 Aug 2003

Internet explorer crashes regualrly and my system can occasionaly turn itself off. I have used Microsoft's Error Reporting service which informs me that this is due to a Device Driver Failure but in all instances cannot be any more specific.

I have NOT recently added new hardware. My Kyro based graphics card has for a while not had full functions (which the manufacturer states is due to not being able to run with 512 memory) but this is not a driver issue and I have been running without issues before.

I have recently done a FULL format and reinstalled my Windows XP (which again I was running without issue before) and the ONLY updated drivers I have used were all present before (KX Audio Drivers, Scanners etc).

Seems to ALWAYS happen if attempting a large download using Kazaa or WinMX etc.

Is there any way for me to narrow down exactly whihch Device Driver is causing the crashing?

  Lozzy 09:10 24 Aug 2003

Sounds to me that you have a conflict somewhere..

Firstly, Does this happen when your not on the net? or does it only happen whilst your on the net?

Secondly, Kazza is the root of many peoples issue there is no cure for Kazza that I am aware of, but be very careful of downloading music as many viruses are transmitted this way now so make sure your AV is up to date..

  spuds 11:36 24 Aug 2003

Kazza could be the route to your problem.I had this on my machine once, and it caused all sorts of un-explainables. Took it off my machine, and no problems with un-explainables since.

  plankton 12:33 24 Aug 2003

You could try:

My Computer

View System Hardware

Device Manager

to see if there are any "?" marks or "x"'s anywhere. They will be your problem areas IF they exist....

Good luck

  Lacombe 17:13 24 Aug 2003

Took Kazaa out, still does it (cleaned registry of AL entries related to Kazaa also).

It does it mainly (i say mainly, about 95% of the time....the other times crashing when not on internet I think to be unrelated, more of a memory issue, happens when running lots of large programs!).

Sometimes manifests as simply theat Internet Explorer has crashed, end now etc. Sometimes as a system reboot.

Think it was crashing with Kazaa just because I was accesing the internet during downloads.

As said, I did a full system clean (re-installed XP etc). I show only 1 conflict under 'other devices' which is currently a PCI Communications device. I have disabled this as I don't know what it is and it doesn't stop anything working if I disable it. Really don't know what it is or why XP chose to put generic drivers in. I have tried updating driver for this from Device Manager, and it cannot find drivers (even when connecting to internet).

This is only conflict I show. Don't know what PCI comms device though?!

  Lacombe 17:16 24 Aug 2003

actual listing is for a:

PCI Simple Communications Controller


But it is disabled so shouldn't be that.

  Lacombe 19:36 24 Aug 2003

An online friend of mine suggested this might be a memory issue...and therefore is crashing during long downloads or along time on the net due to memory issues. Such as internet cache becoming full etc.

Not sure if there is truth to this but it would make some sense.
Crsahing does occur if been on internet downloading various bits and bats for a while.
And during long downloads does seem to crash after about 30mb or so.

Anything in it?
(How can I stop automatic reboot and go to a blue screen that may signal a memory issue?)

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