Unknown Box -How u know which drivers??

  peeby 20:35 29 Aug 2003

Yes someone alot more ignorant than myself has a puter thats in a real mess. Should be quarantied.
Anyway before I do(attempt) a re-install,how do I know what drivers I will need. This a mystery brand box. How would I know which drivers I will need apart from standard Win 98 drivers. My own box a Dell, has a disk with "chipset" drivers etc.
I also have an old Dell with a Dell monitor. I have reinstalled on that but it keeps telling me it does'nt recognise the monitor. This is puzzling to me.
I'm not talking here about common drivers like printer,etc, but "inner organ" drivers,like graphic,chipset,sound etc. Hell I do'nt even know how many things might need non Microsoft drivers.
This puter came from the U.K. has a big red "M" on the case. Any leads on this .Please

  Rayuk 20:50 29 Aug 2003

Download Windriversbackup
click here

Also Aida32 Personal System Information for info on box

click here

  sil_ver 20:50 29 Aug 2003

Just download a copy of Belarc Advisor or System Mechanic and run it

  Gedrog 20:59 29 Aug 2003

How I wished I had that utility before I formatted my PC many years ago. Ended up with a Soundcard and a modem that ended up no drivers. Eventualy had to buy replacement modem as even searching the web with the model number after opening the case brought up nothing. Everyone was saying they could not find a driver for it. This is definately agreat tool. GL HF

  peeby 21:02 29 Aug 2003

Thanks for those links. I'm not too sure I can run anything on this machine. I will try those tools.It has toolbars all ove the desktop that if I remove,come back after reboot, stange things in startup,and can only be shutdown by pulling the plug, also wont hold an net connection for mor than 2 minutes.
So finding out whats in the box is one thing,how do I know if they need their own specialised drivers. Forgive me if I'm not understanding my computer maintenance background goes back at least 2 months,car maintanance goes back 40 years.

  peeby 22:11 29 Aug 2003

Sorry i have to go again on this.

  Belatucadrus 22:19 29 Aug 2003

Likely drivers required will be :- Video Card, Sound Card and possibly modem. A good place to look for drivers is click here

  woodchip 22:46 29 Aug 2003

This program can collect all the drivers from the PC and you can restore them with the program ALL WINDOWS from 95-XP

Program name DRVEXP17.zip click here Scroll down to it

  Belatucadrus 10:25 30 Aug 2003

peeby, ref your e-mail queries :-

"Will the puter work after a fashion with standard Win 98 drivers." Yes, the screen will display, but probably only at low resolution with 16 bit colour, you aren't going to get a decent picture until the video drivers go back on.

As to the Dell chipset driver, I don't have a Dell machine, but I've done a few reformats on W95 & 98 machines without ever needing a chipset driver. You may want confirmation from somebody at Dell before proceeding.

Here is an acrobat download on reformating and reloading, I've always found it useful to have around click here

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