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Unknow Devices IDE CD & DVD Drives

  sassyklerk1957 15:00 18 Mar 2018

Ok... First... I've been messing with pcs for about 8 years. I am no expert by any means. I have some pretty old ones that I used to play with but have been on a shelf for a few years now. I decided to pull out my old Dell 4600 to clean it out and get it ready to give it away. When it went on the shelf, it worked. Now... neither my dvd rom or my cd burner are recognized in bios. I've tried everything I can think of. I set the jumpers at CS, Master/Slave, no jumper on 1 drive, no jumper on both drives, tried 3 different ribbons and I still have Unknown Device error. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  Bris 15:56 18 Mar 2018

Try changing the CMOS battery. It may sound unlikely but a flat battery can cause all sorts of problems and as the PC has been unused for some time its likely to need changing.

  sassyklerk1957 16:01 18 Mar 2018

I didn't know a cmos battery could cause that type of problem. I'll buy 1 and post back on the results. Thanks

  sassyklerk1957 18:39 24 Mar 2018

Problem Solved. Replaced power supply. Old one had bad strand. Thanks for chiming in.

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