Universal Remote Control

  Graham. 15:46 15 Dec 2008

I'm looking for a Remote Control to use instead of the one that came with my Humax HDR.

I've tried a Logitech Harmony One, that was OK-ish, but had a fault which meant it went back for a refund.

It need only control the TV and Humax, nice big buttons, and back-lit if possible.

Would probably need to be programmed on-line.

Something like click here, but would welcome personal recommendations.

  sinbads 17:23 15 Dec 2008

aldi has one not sure if it meets your needs click here

  Graham. 17:26 15 Dec 2008

Thanks, worth a look at £10.

  Graham. 19:18 15 Dec 2008

I looked for Lidl, watch the video click here

  Stuartli 20:08 15 Dec 2008

We bought a Silvercrest/Welltech universal remote control from Lidl about six months ago (£5.99) after trying out several that didn't work too well.

It's proved first class for its purposes, controlling a high mounted Panasonic TV in a dialysis ward (each patient on the ward has an individual TV).

  Graham. 23:18 15 Dec 2008

Thanks for that. I'm going to visit Lidl and Aldi tomorrow.

  woodchip 23:33 15 Dec 2008

Netto had some in other day when i went in. One about a foot long and Three and a Half ins wide

  Graham. 23:36 15 Dec 2008

Would that be Netto in Penistone where the Co-Op used to be?

  Technotiger 23:38 15 Dec 2008

Thanks friend - just watched that incredible video, unbelievable stuff!

  Graham. 23:44 15 Dec 2008

Glad you liked it, but from my link, I've cheched myself, you will get different videos. The one I liked was about euphenisms.

  Tim1964 00:50 16 Dec 2008


I have a Kameleon URC that also uses the same type illuminated display like the one in your link but I don't use it any more as it ate batteries like no one's business. 4 AAAs lasted less than a week.

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