Universal Backup Software

  Southernboy 14:05 23 Jun 2005

for writing to external hard drives, zip discs, CDR/CDRW/DVD-R/DVD-RW?

Can one backup program cover all the above media?

  TomJerry 14:17 23 Jun 2005

for example handybackup click here

  Southernboy 15:07 23 Jun 2005

Need to be able to buy a boxed version over the counter. No internet connection on home computer.

  Ancient Learner 16:10 23 Jun 2005

If PC world haven't got Nero it would be a miracle.

TomJerry, are you certain that your link can also back up to External HDs and Iomega Zip Disks.

TomJerry's link is without the www.


  Granger 16:46 23 Jun 2005

I can confirm Handy Backup works like a dream for external HDDs (that's what I use it for) and also network drives (I sometimes backup one PC to the other and vice-versa). Great piece of software.

  CLONNEN 16:47 23 Jun 2005

Have you tried the Windows Briefcase for backing up files and folders. I use it with my external USB drive for backing up the My Documents folders without any problems.

Also it is FREE with all versions of Windows so it's universally compatible. Plus you don't need to faff about installing any special software before doing a Restore of all your douments this way. Just open the Briefcase and copy and paste.

  Southernboy 14:31 24 Jun 2005

Does it both copy to, and backup to, CDR/CDRW/DVD/DVDRW? I have a large backup size and need to be able to backup to multiple discs in one go. You can't do this with Copy/Paste - it has too be done in bits and pieces which can be very time-consuming.

  Southernboy 14:34 24 Jun 2005

Can it be read on any computer, or only one that has Handy Backup? Both Iomega Automatic Backup and Retrospect backups can be read on any computer - it does not have to have the backup software installed. I regard this as vital.

  Southernboy 14:35 24 Jun 2005

Please be more explicit. What is the current version and what does it do?

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