unistalled Norton got AVG + zonealarm

  pat-212841 13:45 20 Mar 2005

At last i have had the courage to uninstall Norton it was nothing but trouble always problems when it came to updates i know have AVG and Zonealarm but have lots of adverts on the screen now ! is that the price i pay for getting both free ? even if it is they are so much better than Norton. thanks

  Technotiger 14:02 20 Mar 2005

Hi, I think you have done the right thing - I also think I am correct in saying that if you get the paid-for versions of ZA & AVG you would have no more ads. But ads are no problem anyway, they pay for the programs, where would we be without ads.


  stalion 14:05 20 Mar 2005

A lot of people have had problems trying to uninstall norton how did you manage it hammer and chisel, lol

  willo500 14:09 20 Mar 2005

I'm no expert on this stuff but I did the same thing and have not regretted it one bit. I don't seem to be troubled by ads mind you.


  dogbreath1 14:15 20 Mar 2005

Are the ads appearing on a browser page? I've got Zone Alarm and AVG (both free) and never see an ad whether I'm browsing or not.

  VoG II 14:20 20 Mar 2005

No ads on the installation I did click here either.

Where are these ads?

  fsbb 14:31 20 Mar 2005

Used both free AVG & ZA for a number of years and never had a problem with the applications. Ads? What ads? Where are they?

  pat-212841 14:33 20 Mar 2005

I got the ads now down the side of Pcadvisor page <advertising Mesh computers at the minute > and i have it on hotmail .Stalion ,this comptuer from new had Norton already on it maybe thats why it was easier for me but i did get nervous doing it cause for a little while you have no firewall why you are installing it ,Norton was ok but like someone else said it hogs your computer,

  VoG II 14:34 20 Mar 2005

Use a HOSTS file click here

  pat-212841 14:35 20 Mar 2005

Is it only me with all the adds ?? i knew i couldnt have done something right on this computer !

  stalion 14:38 20 Mar 2005

the ads on the pca forum pay for the forum

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