unistall ask jeeves

  aincientone 06:22 12 Mar 2010

When I try to open my mozilla firefox browser it fails to appear and is replaced by an unasked for Ask Jeeves browser which is resistant to all my attempts to uninstall it. Any easy suggestions please?

  rawprawn 06:54 12 Mar 2010

Use Revo Uninstaller in "Advanced Mode"
click here
I'm suprised it is difficult to uninstall in add/ remove programs.
If it has become corrupt you may have to re install it before you are able to uninstall it properly.

  aincientone 08:00 12 Mar 2010

Thanks rawprawn, the Revo Unistaller is a usefull
device but it won't uninstall ask jeeves on my computer because it has never been "installed". It just appears as a browser, hijacking the place of Mozilla Firefox when I try to start it. Other advisors have suggested that I may have to get rid of it by editing the registry but I am nervous of messing with the registry.

  birdface 08:04 12 Mar 2010

In tools.Options.Make sure you have the proper web address of the browser that you want in the box and not Ask Jeeves.
Not sure if that may be your problem or not but have a look.

  rawprawn 08:39 12 Mar 2010

Are you running Zone Alarm? Have a look here
click here

  birdface 09:15 12 Mar 2010

Hi rawprawn well spotted but I did notice it was from 3 years ago.
Surely Zone Alarm would have fixed the problem by now.
Either that or maybe it was not downloaded from the Zone alarm site.
Anyhow well spotted.

  rawprawn 09:25 12 Mar 2010

Personally I would uninstall Firefox using Revo Uninstaller in Advanced Mode, and then run CCleaner before re installing Firefox.

  rawprawn 09:28 12 Mar 2010

Foxit Reader also tries to install Ask Jeeves, but I don't know if there is a connection. I think it's just the tool bar.

  birdface 09:36 12 Mar 2010

I don't suppose that you have it in your add-ons if so delete it from there.
Apart from that I think rawprawn may have had the right idea to run Revo Uninstaller and remove Firefox and all of its contents.
It may be the quickest remedy.

  aincientone 09:36 12 Mar 2010

rawprawn and buteman, your input is appreciated. thanks. Unfortunately none of the relatively simple suggestions work and the more complex answers involving the registry are beyond aincientone's limited skills. I cannot use any of the methods involving firefox because firefox never appears, only the hijacker ask jeeves. I have removed and reinstalled firefox 3.6 but at the first call only that wretched butler appears.

  rawprawn 09:41 12 Mar 2010

Did you use Revo to remove Firefox? again in advanced mode.

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