uninvited program on internet expolorer

  Dave was 7312 16:15 07 Nov 2006

I am being harried by a program called Virus Burster which I can't seem to dissuade from popping up every few minutes.
When I open 'Internet Explorer' there is a page warning me that I have critical system errors and my computer will be at risk if I don't down-load their wretched program. It also has its own tool bar and has usurped the usual 'Google' tool bar and the opening page that I usualy see.I located the program which it had surreptitiously downloaded but could only delete part of the file. There was until this boot-up of the computer a winking and blinking icon in the tray at the bottom of the screen, this thank goodness has not appeared this time but previously it would pop-up and warn me of critical system errors every few minutes. Critical they might be and humble but they are my own and I wish to deal with them in my own time not theirs.
Q: How do I get rid of this annoying item? Can anyone help please

  mammak 16:32 07 Nov 2006

Have you ran an updated Anti virus program,
Because I think that "Virus Burster" is a virus will have to find out for sure though?

  mammak 16:34 07 Nov 2006
  curlylad 18:08 07 Nov 2006

Dave was 7312

The virus burst or burster message indicates the presence of what is known as a Smitfraud infection.

To solve this please goto this link click here and click the link top right 'New to this board - Click here'.
Follow the prompts which will require you to register there for free and it will explain what to do next.
I am a graduate at that site and can vouch for the guys and gals there who will be able to help you.

  mammak 18:26 07 Nov 2006

I was trying to help him?

  anskyber 18:33 07 Nov 2006

click here Follow the Vog links.

  curlylad 19:11 07 Nov 2006

Appreciate that you was trying to help, however the fact that you 'thought' it may be a virus suggested you wasn't sure where as I know this to be a Smitfraud infection and was merely providing a link to the university where I am learning where the people can locate and remove this infection.

I will however retreat if you wish to handle it.

  mammak 19:21 07 Nov 2006

No need for you to retreat at all, the more people helping the better, and yes I wasn't 100% sure it was a virus so I checked it out and found it was to my knowlage there are two such threads here in the helproom tonight so it is rearing it's head all over the place it would seem!

  curlylad 19:32 07 Nov 2006

Smitfraud is quite common and has if you like several different strains, virusburst is the indication of one of the strains, I noticed this and thought I'd pop my two penneth in as I have dealt with and removed this type of infection before.As you will see from the VoG link he also suggests the same site for advice as he also uses The Malware Removal site.
It is good that so many people are helping others here and I am sure the 'victims' are greatful, however Smitfraud can be tricky to remove which is why I suggested the site in the link.
I will watch this thread develop with interest and should my advice or help be required I will be happy to jump in.

  Graham. 19:36 07 Nov 2006
  curlylad 19:52 07 Nov 2006

No disrespect but that help topic is machine specific, under no circumstances should one try out a fix suggested for a different system on their own machine.

Smitraud removal requires different tools and steps dependant on the infected system.Trying to use the fix formulated for another system on your own machine can severely compromise your system.

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