uninvited icons and taskbar

  pinnicat 22:16 05 Oct 2004

came home from work and both my fiancee and i booted up to find 6 new icons on our desktops plus a new taskbar and search engine installed over google.
pop-ups flying in from all over.we cant clear the task bar and are very annoyed as all this was seemingly uninvited.
we both run xpsp2 on brand new dells, through NTL.
any ideas why and how to remove .
the search engine is "search the web" but has not come up in program search.
we run independent modems and isp addresses.
help please.

  VoG II 22:20 05 Oct 2004

Ad-aware click here Spybot click here CWShredder click here

  pinnicat 22:24 05 Oct 2004

i have a built in aol spyware detector which i ran immediately with no negative results. i will try the others later, but what bothers me is that this stuff came in whilst i was shut down..no downloads no pop up, no invitation.....?

  THE TERMINATOR 23:04 05 Oct 2004

What probably happened, is that the program downloaded without your knowledge the last time you was online, and waited for you to bootup before installing itself, and giving you the icons and search bar. It's because of these type of things happening, why it is so important to have a firewall. I have Norton Firewall2005 and it keeps these type of things off my pc....TT

  pinnicat 00:15 06 Oct 2004

Ok mr T...perfect sense ordinarily...but why should both the Mrs and i get the same bundle of misery when we run two seperate systems from diff modems at two diff adressess, and dwellings ..we are unlinked .....yet both have the same c*ap come down....identically?
i ran shredder and that took out abucket ful that aolspyware seemed to ignore. i have the trial of Mcafee including firewall up and running so ....still...how wnd why?
also the taskbar in the search engine wont blo**y shift.

  bertiecharlie 00:24 06 Oct 2004

click here It is a lengthy article but describes how a computer was infected with searchtheweb and how it was removed.

  curlylad 00:32 06 Oct 2004

Good advice from VoG™ , try his links and also this a² free click here to get rid of dialers , spyware etc.

  pinnicat 08:31 06 Oct 2004

right folks...my system is cookie, adware and spyware free....not to mention the add on for msn (msn plus) which i downed four days ago and took it's evil effect yesterday. Well thats what done it. and the delay in the sponsorship showing completely threw me. thank you all for your help..again keep up the good work.
cheers. mik

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