Uninvited downloads, are they built in?

  SparkyJack 08:18 01 Sep 2014

Recent work on Win 7/8 machines IHave found on startup a constant barrage of invites to sign g up for repair/speedup utilities.

Installing Malawarebytes,Adbocker,etc., seems to have no affect.

Using Revo uninstaller,will get rid,but only for that session,next boot up they are back

Even taking the machine offline seems to make no difference.

Are the see items incorporated into the system I wonder?

If so how to get rid for good.

It can take 15/20 minutes sometime to get the machine into a use able state.

  onthelimit1 08:44 01 Sep 2014

Try the free Adwarecleaner free from Bleepingcomputer. Should get rid.

  wee eddie 12:13 01 Sep 2014

If you pay attention when you are setting up the download, there are a raft of tick boxes and you can untick them.

However, you'll very likely miss them if you rush

  john bunyan 13:08 01 Sep 2014

Watch which sites to download from. I have found Filehippo good with no sneaky add ons, but CNet bad, for example.

  SparkyJack 15:30 01 Sep 2014


Tick boxes I amaware and tick assiduasly and site I do choose with care.

But you both seem to have missed the point

These items come uninvited, on line and off.

They seen to be either 'built in' to the O/S or hiding in some dark corner from first install or start.

  lotvic 15:37 01 Sep 2014

Possibly they are the 'extra programs/trials' you get with a big name OEM pre-installed, that would explain why they are there from new first startup.

  SparkyJack 07:27 02 Sep 2014

Lot I This idea seems the most plausible.

One machine I dealt with came with a Vista to 7 upgrade disc, was 'clean' from 'go'

  wee eddie 09:52 02 Sep 2014

They are, of course, in all your Restore Points. So you will need to clear the Cache

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