Uninstalling Yahoo Messenger

  Templar1961 11:21 28 Jul 2003

I installed Yahoo Messenger to try it out and then decided to uninstall using the remove programs option in Windows XP. Having done so I find that a Yahoo folder still exists in my Program Files containing numerous files - should I delete these manually?

I also get a pop up message on booting up warning that a Yahoo dll file is missing.

  PirÅTë 13:27 28 Jul 2003

goto start, run and type msconfig and go to the start up section untick anything with yahoo messenger or similar

restart your computer and then delete the program files folder, then download and run adaware

click here

then download registry cleaner
click here
and run it

it should fix it

did for me!

  Templar1961 14:10 28 Jul 2003

The error message that pops up actually says: "CoCreateInstance for the MyYahoo DLL failed!"

Why doesn't this software uninstall properly?

Yahoo are irresponsible by issuing software that doesn't uninstall cleanly?

  The Idle one 14:39 28 Jul 2003

No I think the Reason is yahoo use web beacons to follow your surfing ( all sites - not just yahoo)for whatever purpose.
you can disable them if you know how - but it is a sophisticated tracking system

  Templar1961 20:22 28 Jul 2003

Is it worth re-installing then uninstalling again to see if it cleanly uninstalls next time?

  Templar1961 23:17 28 Jul 2003


  PirÅTë 09:43 29 Jul 2003

reinstall it and then try this

1. go to internet options and *hit* the delete cookies, delete files, and clear history then, refresh your browser and close it.
2. uninstall yahoo messenger
3. restart your PC
4. go to START -->> RUN and type *regedit* without (*) of course. REGISTRY WINDOW will pop up.
5. at the EDIT MENU select FIND and type *Yahoo* - this will search for Yahoo registry directory.
6. from Yahoo directory click the *+* plus sign to expand the folder. Look for *+Pager* click the plus again and look for *+profiles* you'll see here all your yahoo ID <<---- from here look for the *FOLDER* of the Yahoo ID you're having problem with and HIT delete!!!
7. close the REGISTRY window.

Uninstalling YAHOO from drive C or in any drive will not remove itself from the registry. What is left in drive C after uninstalling it are files that need to be deleted manually. You won't see in drive c, d, etc. the Yahoo ID or profiles...it's all in the registry.*HANDLE WITH CARE THE REGISTRY* b'coz if you delete something accidentally...some programs might not RUN

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