uninstalling windows

  morgueman 14:55 27 Nov 2004

Hello all, i will be getting a new computer soon and the pc i have at the moment is full of junk, so i thought i would just reformat the whole lot, windows, the lot! But i was wondering how to go about it? I have a AMD Athlon processor, windows 98 second edition. The windows book i got with this pc says i cant unload windows and dont know how to go about it anyway! I have the windows cd rom, but not sure if that will help me or not! Hope someone can help me out,


  Strawballs 15:10 27 Nov 2004

You will need a win 98 start disk, easy all you need is a clean floppy go to control panel>
add remove programs then click on the tab create a start disk.
when you have done that leave the disk in and reboot.
When it has gone through it's routine choose the start with cd rom support.
When the curser is flashing next to A:\ type formatC and press enter it will ask you if you are sure because you will loose all of your data type y and press enter.

When that has finished put your 98 disk in and type setup.exe and press enter, then it should start reinstalling.

Before you do any of this make sure you have the product key for windows and all of the driver that you will need to reinstall IE motherboard drivers, sound card (if not onboard) graphics (if not onboard etc)
I dont think that I have missed anything it's been a while since I have done it but I'm sure someone will correct me if I have.

  GrahamP 15:15 27 Nov 2004

There are any number of websites which will help you through the process. Just google on "windows install". If you are getting a new computer soon it would be a good idea to get the new one up and running before you start messing with the old one.

You will certainly want to access the net when your old one is lying in a heap and you will probably want to transfer some data/settings.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:04 27 Nov 2004

Clean install windows 98
click here

  Chaz10 22:05 27 Nov 2004

Or you could just disconnect the hard-drive from the old computer, set the jumper to slave, then open up the new computer and connect the old hdd to the ribbon cable coming of the new hdd (turn computer off first!!)Open "My Computer" when switched back on, right click on the old hdd that now appears and click format........Job done

Just make sure that your new computer warranty won't be made void by taking the side off!!!

  morgueman 23:28 27 Nov 2004

thats looks good to me, thanks all for your help!

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