uninstalling vista and installing xp - error

  lilu878 14:53 28 Jun 2007

Hi! so i was trying to do a clean install of windows xp because i bought windows ultimate a while ago but decided i wanted to stick to xp like i previously had . Now here is my problem when I boot from the xp pro cd at first everything loads up but when it says windows setup starting it immediately stops before displaying it and gives me a stop error 0x0000007e and it mention this pci.sys at the bottom. I've read in microsoft about it but quite honestly it is a little hard to understand however i've tried their solutions my bios are updated dell inc A10, i do have enough RAM 2Gb and enough hard disk space 63GB. Also i read that this problem is very common when trying to install xp that you need a cd with windows xp sp2 which mine is and still i get this error. Microsoft also proposes that you use the restoration console to expand that driver however when i put the xp cd and press R it doesnt go anywhere the error appears; also i dont know if im supposed to use vista's restoration console since vista is the one installed.. however, I got vista from one of those cds you can use on multiple computers and i dont have it :( please if you could help me out here and tell me what i need to do to fix this problem would be very appreciated!!

  tobyb121 14:57 28 Jun 2007

To downgrade from vista, you need to have a blank hard drive, so you will need to reformat it, you will need some formatting software to do this, and it will need to be a live cd version, such as gparted click here this will then give you a blank hard drive on which to install xp, so you will need to back up any data.

  Press Man 14:59 28 Jun 2007

Try reformatting the drive, do'nt use the quick format use the full format option.

  lilu878 16:51 28 Jun 2007

But how can i make a full format option if the xp cd wont load the install setup before giving me the error hence i cant get to the part where i would be able to delete the partition where vista is installed .. :( suggestions?

  tobyb121 20:11 28 Jun 2007

this is why you will need a seperate prgram such as gparted, which is a lightweight version of linux that can be run straight from a cd, and then allows you to manage your hard drives from there

  lilu878 23:09 28 Jun 2007

Thanks for all the help :)!! i was finally able to get into the windows setup I selected the partition C: where vista is installed deleted it, created a new one on teh unpartioned space and then formatted it however when the computer restart and i try to install xp on the partition c it tells me there is already an OS there!! so what's going on? didnt it formatted it already or what.. im frustrated :( please help!

  Press Man 11:01 29 Jun 2007

click here go to the information called "Booting from a floppy disk" and download the "Bootable Floppy Disk Creator For [email protected] Running this will allow you to completely wipe all information from your drive/partion. Please read the product overview and instructions for use first, this programme is very efficient, therefore if there is anything you need to backup then do so first.

  lilu878 15:44 29 Jun 2007

Again thanks everyone for your help, i was finally able to format it and install xp pro. However, a lot of the drivers where missing after installing it from the DELL site i've encountered a problem, when i try to connect to a LAN i get the message "local area network: cable is unplugged" on the dell site i found the ethernet driver for my inspiron e1405 a broadcom 440x 10/100 integrated controller or that's what it says i have but since its not working im not sure if i have the right driver and i dont even know where to find the info about the NIC and such to make sure if i've installed what i really need for my computer.. the wireless is working without any problems.. please help me out, where do i find the information i need to look for what driver i need for the LAN conenction

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