Uninstalling unvalidated XP & installing Home

  tonyx1302 11:56 25 Sep 2005

My PC had a legit copy of XP Home installed and it worked very well with no problems when I brought it. Six months or so ago I had some upgrading work done at my local pc repair shop and they being very helpful did the remedial work very well but upgraded, at an extra cost to me of £18, my software from XP Home to XP Pro. Me in my naivety assumed it was bona fide and came away happy thinking that the technician had my interest at heart and assumed that everything was ok.
Of course now when going to update,I find the its not a proper copy and only half of the system is installed anyway, so have decided to re-install XP home (v2002)as I still have the installation disc and the silver sticker with the product No. etc that came with the pc

My problem is that being very un-computer friendly and not having a clue where to start, just how easy/hard is it to delete Pro and re-install Home? I have looked under Add/Remove and can only find Windows Installer 3.1( is that Pro ?)and Windows Updates & fixes. Also will I lose all my progs/AV/setup/icons etc. etc etc. and will it screw up my register which is a 'no go' area to me.
I could of course go back to the shop but I would rather treat it as 'water under the bridge' and re-install Home if its in my capabilities. If not I can just continue with my 'dodgy' Pro.

Any help/opinions would be very welcome but please remember my pc knowledge is very, very limited and I don't want to mess up what is a very simple pc that I use for W.P/Internent/email work etc only and runs very well thanks to previous help and guidance from forum members.
I run XP Pro (!) with B/B

  SANTOS7 12:08 25 Sep 2005

Forget the water under the bride rubbish take it back to the shop tell them you want your PC restored with your genuine copy of XP home then expose the shop for dealing with as you put it dodgy copys of XPs operating system, as he has charged you £18 for this upgrade seems to me this shop is profiteering
from a process that is illegal, namely the use of copied O/S discs

  Klof Ron 12:50 25 Sep 2005
  tonyx1302 12:53 25 Sep 2005

I know you are right. I just didn't want the aggravation of a confrontation. I thought that Windows agents/suppliers/ stockists, sorry I don't know the correct terminology, were allowed to install Windows software if they had a company or business copy, or5 woprds to that effect. I know I haven't expressed that correctly, and I have gone back to the 'search' option trying to find previous posts which tell of the different versions available from retailers or local businesses but I am just getting more confused. I genuinely did not believe that I was buying anything that was illegal and if I had known would not have allowed it !


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:04 25 Sep 2005

This is not going to be easy.

A few questions first :

How many hard drives and/or partions do you have not including the CD/DVD drive c:\ d:\ e:\?

Does the computer boot from CD oor do you know how to change the boot order in BIOS?

  tonyx1302 13:04 25 Sep 2005

P.S. I just was looking for an easy way to correct my stupidity by not questioning the installation in the first place, by putting it down to experience and very old age. I hoped it would be comparatively easy to delete Pro and install Home and that would be the end of the matter, but your post has made think.............


  tonyx1302 13:14 25 Sep 2005

Klof Ron. I need to delete the illegal Pro first

F.B Sorry I don't know the answer to that. I clicked on My Comp and it tells me CD-RW Drive (E) CD Crive (D) 31/2 floppy and my pc just boots up from the power button and sorry I don't know what BIOS is.


  SANTOS7 13:15 25 Sep 2005

Installing an O/S system is the easy bit the hard bit is the moral issue, If this shop has done it for you how many others has he done it for, I and others on this forum can give you sound advice on what to do relating to your PC issues but the other is up to you my friend.
It seems to me that this person has taken advantage of your limited PC knowledge, and as you say of being a tenderer age...

  Thalmus 13:31 25 Sep 2005

and if you tell microsoft that this guy sold you an illegal copy of windows they will send you a proper copy for free

  tonyx1302 13:37 25 Sep 2005

How can the shop have installed it on my machine and obviously many, many others without someone blowing the whistle? Is there anyway that it could be a legal installation and I am not using the installation properly ? When I previously did Windows updates prior to 'validation needed' it asked me for a code number (?) which I entered and everything just upgraded but now W/update tells me that my installation is not genuine I have never had any problems with the copy of Pro other than I cannot use the 'help' facility.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:45 25 Sep 2005

update instalation will fail on computers with the following product IDs:



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